Daily Quests

Title says it all. Days like today, where we have nothing to do other than donate to the alliance, would be useful if we had Daily Quests. you know, something to work for each day! I think it’d be entertaining for everyone. A small reward would be handed out for each quest and when you finish them all you get a small 15 gem reward!

Monday Quest: Raid AwesomestKnightest 10 times in a row

Tuesday Quest: Buy 2 Nemesis



But I really like the Idea!

I will give some exemple to allow Flare to understand the idea behind it

If I take my game WWE Champions with daily quests. we have 6 thing to do each day

  • Use a Heal pack on a roster for 1 TP bag

  • Do a fight in the road for 5000 gold

  • Do a fight in Dean Daily for 50 premium

  • Do a fight in Vs Mode for 5000 gold

  • Do a fight in the daily mission ( Prize here depend of the day and the colors of the daily)

  • Open 6 crate loot

when the 6 one is done you gain a sac with 25 green money and 1 shard of Chad Gable

If I take my game Looney Tunes World of Mayhem

Each day i must complete the challenge mission, main quest, open energizer, do competition in PVP mode,etc. to unlock rewards in Daily Quests

Here in RR2 can be

  • Complete 5 raids at 100% for 100 pearls

  • Open 3 chest in a row for 50 vouchers

and so on… after complete 5 or 6 daily quests we must wait 24 hours the next day

So will make RR2 less boring and more fun. At least make raid more interesting

Myself I don’t do anything since weeks just War Season and Conquest

Yeah, every other game has daily/weekly quest. No idea why none here.