Daily routine in the ancient Greece!

Hey :slight_smile:

When you start the game, what do you usually do? in which order?

Do you plan your actions for the next time you will play? If yes, what are your goals for now?

Imho the first thing that all people do is to grab ressources of their islands  :wink:



Here is the plan for me when I start the game :


  1. Gathering all my resources
  2. See if I won more prestige
  3. Open my chest if it is the morning
  4. Think of what can I build with my resources
  5. Start a new building if I can afford it
  6. Think of how much gold I have to gather to build the (next) new building
  7. Prepare my war journey if I have enough Ambrosia
  8. Move one of my hero around the islands and break all defense !
  9. If it is the evening, optimize my defensive path (this is the feature that I love most) and configure my defensive wave
  10. Disconnect in dreaming of battle and glory  :slight_smile:


I wish I had an history of losses and success, both as a attacker and  as defender







^ basically the same comment of order as the guy top of me lol


and i agree i wish aswell to have battle history! it is really needed! i hope it gets added into future updates

Parian pretty much nailed it.  Although I tend to attack a couple times then open my chest just in case the chest contain Ambrosia. That way the Ambrosia I get from the chests won’t get wasted.

It is a lillte disappointing to see wasted ambrosia, but now I take care  :slight_smile: . When you collect all the resources, Ambrosia stay on island if your stock is full but not when you open a chest, sometimes it is frustrating.

Parian nailed it, guys a whiz :grinning:

What parian said!