Daily tournaments

This game needs to attract thousands of potential players, so I suggest a new event: daily tournaments.

There are 8 tournaments every day (one for every 3 hours), however players can participate only one of them, then they must wait at least 21 hours since the end of their last tournament before participating to another tournament.

If a player participates  at a daily tournament, cannot:
-modify waves;
-move towers and obstacles;
-add towers and obstacles;
-remove towers and obstacles;
-forge items, units, towers, obstacles and spells;
-upgrade pals and beasts;
-change of leave alliance;
-increase level boosts;
-add boosts;
-ask insta troops;
-modify items setup;
-change beast and pals;
-change landscape.

A player cannot participate at a daily tournament if:
-finishes cooldown to upgrade units, spells, towers, obstacles, wizard’s tower, castle’s gate, morale waves, troop academy, castle guard.
-he/she asking insta troops.

Daily tournaments structure is similar to tennis tournaments. 2 players challenge each other at the same time. A player will continue daily tournament, according the following criteria, if:
-1) obtain an higher percentage respect to opponent;
-2a) in case of parity in “1)”, will be considered the shortest time to destroy the gate;
-2b) in case of parity in “1)”, will be considered the longest time of survival in the last challenge;
-3) in case of parity in “1)” and in “2a)”/“2b)”, will continue the player who has the weakest base.

Percentages are converted into points (100% corresponds to 100 points. Challenges between teammmates give double points. Daily tournaments have 3 hours of duration. Revives are forbidden. Players can enter in the first 2 hours of a daily tournament. 
There are limitations about scrolls: if you use them in a daily tournament, later you will not be able to use them for the next 6 daily tournament in which you will participate.
Players don’t spend food and don’t gain gold, medals, skulls and trophies during daily tournament fights.

Rewards will be incremental.
0 points            1 voucher
1-99 points            common chest
100-199 points            enchanted chest
200-299 points            rare chest
300-399 points            epic chest
400-499 points            voucher chest
500-599 points            pearls chest
600-699 points            gems chest
700-799 points            legendary chest
800-899 points            pal food chest
900-999 points            super chest
1000-1099 points        pal (with pal) chest
1100-1199 points        golden super chest
1200-1299 points        gift chest
1300-1399 points        pro ticket
1400-1499 points        pro chest (only pal food and pearls)
1500+ points            pro chest (with at least 1 pro item)

The winner of a daily tournament will have 1000 gems and 1000 crystals as extra reward.

I updated conditions and rewards of daily tournaments.

I do agree that this game really could benefit from a daily event that could be played solo or with alliance members.  The current daily tournament is pointless to me besides the few gems it brings in each day.  There is no statistics on how many times I have won each round, my total medals earned and on top of that, I reached the platinum round in the first few weeks of the game and haven’t moved up since. 

In order for Flare to have any interest in investing their resources into a new event though they would have to see that new event generate a return on investment.  That return would be players spending gems.  If you remove the use of gems from the event then Flare won’t make a profit from it.  So as a compromise, maybe have it cost 100 gems to enter the tournament. 

How would matchmaking work?  How many players would be placed in a bracket?  The daily tournament would have to be designed so that everyone feels like they have a chance to win it.


Hi Revoltroyal,

Thanks for taking the time to share your idea of a daily league. We are always blown away when fans take so much time and love and thought into their idea.

Unfortunately, this would introduce an entirely new game mode, which is something that at this moment is not something that we would consider feasible time-wise.

Thanks again though.

My idea of daily tournaments doesn’t replace bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond leagues.