Daily Warmongers seeking active members

Alliance name: Daily Warmongers

Wanted to start an alliance and recruit active members.  Looking for players around level 30 or higher with around 1000 trophies or more.  There are exceptions just don’t want a lot of low level people who have only been playing a day and go AWOL after a week.  I would like at least 5000 donation level but like I said not set in stone.  What I am interested in is having fun, winning wars, and growing the alliance.  As long as you participate in wars and donate regularly we will have a great time.  This is a brand new alliance and first goal is to get at least 8 active players and qualify for the upcoming war.

Still recruiting about to hit alliance rank 4.  If you want to start in a new alliance and built it up here is your chance.

Still looking for some dedicated warriors.  Half way to guild rank 5 now.  3 members strong as of this post really want to get 8 dedicated members before next war.


War starts in one day.  Guild rank 5 almost to 7% gold bonus.  Have poison arrow towers, and the boost for the war just activated.  Guild is opened up until war starts so just join in so we can do battle.  Join Daily Warmongers