Damage inflicted by dragons

When Dragofrosters or Dracomancers are activated, froster and pyro damage multiply. Is that the damage of the dragon? I am not sure whether a lone froster or pyro deals that much damage.

Yup, I think that the froster´s or pyro´s damage are multiplied for them. I tested and I saw that froster´s and pyro´s damage is boosted. They are much stronger. About the dragons, I´m not sure, because there aren´t any stats about them LOL :))

They certainly deal more damage than the normal frosters & pyros but not a multiplied damage. It could be the damage of dragon per second? They also have a slower attack rate.

If that is the damage of a dragon per time (dragons attack 3 times before flying away), then what is the froster´s or pyro´s damage?

When troops are boosted, we don’t get values for different damages. If you activate blazing knights, it shows that knights deal more damage but not exact values - how much is normal or fire but in that case we can calculate it. We don’t have values for dragons, I believe its of the dragon because frost dragons aren’t super powerful to bring down a lightning tower neither dracomancers bring down gargoyle towers.

Dragons pass over the king thrice but the dragon itself sweeps above for 2-3 seconds. Maybe the damage dealt by dragon in 1 pass = dragon damage x 2-3 sec.

Maybe? These are my assumptions. Would be good to get a reply if someone has an answer to this mystery.

They indeed show values. They show for example: 70% health, 50% damage and so on, those values depend in the boost level which depends on your alliance level.

Have posted about this issue before.

The frosters and pyros are indeed boosted, but just a little bit and surely not as much as you see on their stats.

Think the stats is referring to the dragons.

For example, a regular froster shows 275 frost damage on the stats. A season boosted froster shows 1,057 damage. Logically thinking, a small bunch of these frosters should kill every troop and tower in the base with one shot. It does not happen in the reality.

Moreover, it seems that frost damage was significantly nerfed lately by flares (they have never updated us, as usual, but you can clearly see this when you raid). Also, to start creating dragons you need much more time and morale now. In the past i was using Frosters heavily as a part of my combo, but right now, they are useless in offense, even when boosted. Right now we have the froster season-boosted in our alliance. I don’t even use them… Replaced them with an unboosted pyro.

Fo’ realz?! In the team I’m visiting they don’t have boosted frosters and I’m still using them, and they’re being useful…

Not as they used to be. Something happened. I can’t present any numbers, but the raids with frosters became less successful lately.

Maybe you’re using a different gear with lower statistics and you didn’t notice?

Nope, the frosters indeed changed in a very negative way and it feels like they are nerfed a lot in offense. A while ago I could easily beat bases filled with elite mummy and it felt like a walk in the park. A few waves of mummy were enough to pop up a dragon and I only needed to summon frosters to beat a base with lots of time left. Frosters killed elite mummy and the knights popping out were dead by next hit. Now it takes longer to destroy elite mummies, knights even survive the first salvo of ice and I just beat the base in last seconds, while before I had more than half a minute left. I even have improved leadership by 3K, so I spawn even more frosters! With more frosters that have even more ice power, I would expect better results, instead of the opposite.


  • Before I got my uber item I already used froster in offense. It was very usable.
  • As soon as I got the froster uber item (Boreal embrace) my frosters became a very important troop for my offense. When I started to use the item (more leadership I even got from it) it was impressive how well the frosters were doing their job. Defending troops slowed down and even towers hit were slowed down a lot.
  • When we won the drago frosters, I was speechless of this tremendous ice power, I even beated bases that usually were very hard.
  • I started to forge frosters multiple times to improve ice damage, I also forged my uber item a couple of times do get even better results.
  • Almost a month ago I even fought boostless during a war season, the unboosted frosters did a tremendous job.
  • Our team got more fiefdoms, so that could only work in a positive way on drago frosters.
  • A few weeks ago (still in team with more fiefdoms than before) it felt like something drastically changed, even with improved stats for ice damage, the froster seemed to be less useful, it died quicker and troops hit weren’t affected like they used to.
  • Since that period I got 3k extra leadership, I can summon way more frosters, still it’s much harder now to use them in offense.
  • Due to all these problems, I stopped using frosters in offense.

I only remember that some troops in defense were made a little bit more resistant against ice damage, but in fact it feels liked ice damage has been influenced in a very negative way.

I realize that troops can have improved range forges, but mummy is weak to ice and that knights popping out of mummy now survive, no matter who I raid makes it suspicious. To bad, I enjoyed raiding with frosters, but the way they work now makes them not very attractive to raid with. Other troops just do way better right now.

Was using Froster uber cape. 5000+ ice damage and froster health. Very bad results…

My advise for all who use frost damage gear (weapons) is to test other options, like blunt gear. You may get surprised.

I have seen that with some recent update, dragons have become less powerful especially frosters. So I am now using blazing knights primarily. As far as gear is concerned, I always use ice+blunt even if I have to let 40-50 attack away. Blunt useful for taking down towers & frost for slowing down skull towers & units.

KK, since long time i use Blunt+Blunt. This is to take down towers, obstacles and gates much faster, as most of them are weak to blunt. The troops are being taken care of by my troops.

Do check again your ice damage. My assumption is that it performs worse than before.

Hi Edward, I have only found noticeable changes with froster. My ice damage helps me a lot to slow down skull towers. I some times rush ahead of my army to slow down skull towers. Currently I am using Ice+Fire+Blunt. Thanks to uber cape, I have got decent ice damage & useful blizzard perk.

Just another stat, boosted froster & pyromancers have attack rate reduced to 0.25.

Actually, I would expect somebody from Flaregames staff to officially clear this issue here and answer a simple question: Were the Frosters (or other troops) stats indeed changed lately?

In the recent updates, mortars were balanced and were made 50% resistant to ice. Earlier, they were 100% weak to ice. Actually, the resistance & weakness values are hidden or at times incorrect. Arblasters have only poison weakness, but they are also vulnerable to ice. Similar goes for monks who do have some fire weakness.

For example, Werewolf. They have 25% resistance to piercing but a group of 3 arblasters easily take down a wolf. Wolf also takes heavy damage from castle’s arrows. It also seems that a wolf doesn’t have 75% weakness to ice. I feel it is 300% weakness to ice. My perked blizzard doing 1420 ice damage kills werewolf with 7500+ hp in one shot! If it were to have 75% weakness, less than half hp should have gone. So values are hidden. They give a rough idea, not to be used for accurate calculations.


I think ice damage for sword or gloves is very useful, the best combo is ice+blunt because blunt helps to take down more easily many stuff, while ice slowdowns everything and that’s very useful, specially when your Blizzard is on cooldown and you really need to slow something.

That’s why Sonic Blast + Blizzard + Shield is the best magic combo :))

I agree, that’s my main spell combo :grinning: