Damage per second of spells

What do you guys know about how much damage, time duration spells (like Firestorm, Bladestorm, Sonic blast) do per second? For instance, Firestrom at max lv does around 3700 fire damage. So does it cause that amount of damage per second or over the period of 3 seconds? From my observations, it seems to be causing 3700 per second against towers, but 3700 in total against units. 

As far as I know, the displayed damage values of spells (and troops) should be damage per second, unless they are one-shot (e.g. gargoyles, swordrain).

Also, individual resistances and weaknesses (being displayed in the troop academy/tower information window) do decrease/increase the damage dealt to the individual enemy.


Though some “unofficial”/hidden resistances/weaknesses are assumed to exist in the game for balancing reasons - e.g. bladestorm is more effective against blockades than against paladins, while it should be right the other way round (paladins are weak to normal damage, blockades are not) - thus it is hard to predict exactly how effective one spell/troop type will be against some particular opponent without some practical testing experience…


Thanks. I suppose that explains a bit.


Do you think, Paladins have a hidden resistance to fire? I have observed Max lv paladins (around 2800 HP) can survive a Firestorm lv 9 (3000 damage) with very low health remaining. If it should be doing 3000 damage per second, they should not have a chance at surviving, but they still do it, how?

Might be… but also the spell might have a weakness against certain troops, or some more obscure “magic” hidden in the code.

I guess you could try to test if firebolt towers or pyromancers deal (relatively) more damage to paladins than firestorm does?