Dancing chest icon

Feature request for a UI tweak:  Can we get rid of the dancing chest icon?  It’s annoying as it gets in the way of things like the pop up # that shows when you tap on a farm or tavern.


The daily chest reward feature seems like a great place to move this functionality.  Instead of having the dancing icon at the top/middle of the screen, just add another button to the Daily Rewards interface for Saved Chests.  You could continue to have the Present Icon dance when there’s a new daily reward to claim, and then maybe add another ‘glimmer’ highlight (like the way the Quest icon acts when you have unclaimed chests) to the Present Icon when you have claimed chests that still need to be opened.



Brother, it is in Flares interest for us to use up those chest asap, so I don’t think this is gonna be fixed :slight_smile:

Hi SHaase,


i agree that may sounds weird but in my opinion they did on purpose so you don’t forget to collect the chest since you’ll a jumping brighting chest that is like says: “Hey remember to open me” or something like that  :grinning: