Dare you to fight me.

Hello all-

My chamber is at maximum full most of the time. My account is 3ish month old. My base has no boost at all time and pretty easy. Save me to your list and fight me everyday for some easy gold guys! I’m bore imma offline and expecting alots of attack ok : )

IGN: [ô_ô]

Alliance: ò_ó

No wonder nobody attacks you. Your IGN and alliance name cannot be written on a regular English keyboard…

You are right. Windows users could type that easily. I was thinking to make a Jap name before but now I’m sad : (

I only got 2-3 attacks in 7hr. I don’t need to fight at all to keep my 15,000,000 chamber intact. I am so bore…

Lol, Eddy that was the cutest reply one can give.