[DARK KNIGHTS] is seeking Kings seeking GREATNESS. Bring your best armor and clime on board, fortune, and conquest await !

If you  have less than 1k in trophies you will not last, donate daily, fight all your battles in the war season.

Mighty Kings will rise to GREATNESS and Honor !l

Join the Hourd ! 

James the anointed general for [DARK KNIGHTS].         BE FEARED !!!


War Season is coming , join now !


WE now have space for 1 member and you should join now and enjoy your free boost. WE are a loyal and strong team we always try our best in war.

So come and join the Dark Side today. 



bump it up

Would you guys consider merging?  Great Lakes Alliance is ranked below 800.  We have room for 5 but could easily expand to take more.  Knights, archers, barricades, and cannons are boosted 24/7 plus war boosts in season.  Currently we bring in about 5.5 mil per day to make this happen.  We are staunch warriors but easy going guys and girls.  Give us a look and let me know.  Ign is the same as above.  I could squeeze a couple of you in this season if you want to give us a test drive.

no thanks

Great la

Do u guy want to merge into Rising WarriorZ ( sister of Rising Warriors Ally) we lvl 26 but can lvl it easy since we bring in 7.7m per day plus more if I want too <<< this ally only 8 day old 

let me know here or message my IGN:Saleem.com look forward to heard from you thank :slight_smile:


am guys this is the [DARK KNIGHTS] TOPIC please talk about merging some where else