Dark Lily needs you


I’m new in the game. I created an alliance recently but we are only two members. So, I write this in the hope you’ll can be interested

Cause I gave a donation of 9787k (yeah It’s true) the alliance is at level 14, so it needs 19 members but there are only two actually. So we need 17 new members. In function of your donate, we’ll can beneficiate every day of first elite bonus.

The conditions to enter are:

  • To be present everyday

  • Have a daily donation of 20k at least (mine is 75k for the moment)

  • Have at least 1000 trophies

  • Speak French or English

And maybe one day Dark lily will be one of the great alliances of Royal Revolt 2.

The Alliance is already open. We are waiting for you.


God luck to your alliance Kaelis! Just a few tips so that you can advance faster: 1. if you are willing to spend real money to donate to your alliance, the it would be better id you will focus first in maxing your alliance tower by buying a large gem pack. By maxing the alliance tower you can do much greater donations while paying less, thus giving more worth to your money.  check the bottom of this page to see the different payment schemes for alliance donationshttp://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Alliance_Tower


  1. Search the leadeboards and start inviting all the people that will be ideal candidates for your alliance until your reach your minimum requirements . Without doing the invites yourself few people will notice your alliance. It will take time so lets say invite 100-200 people everyday but do this everyday. You will fill up in no-time!  

Tanks a lot.

But if an other alliance invite me, It would be nice too. But I’ve only 1070 trophies, so alliance like burninator can’t take me (oh you’re a member lol) so I created this alliance to try to be like the greatest alliances of the game.

So I can say that I would be honored if an alliance in the top 1000 could choose me.