darkblood teams

We have a few different alliances looking to recruit at the moment ranked 500ish 1000ish etc, feel free to join a growing nation ; )

Teams r : trophy required

Darkblood knights 2000ish+

Darkblood squires 1000+

Darkblood hellspawn open

Darkblood reapers open

Good luck in battle & happy hunting

Darkblood knights ranked 560ish

Darkblood squires ranked 655ish

Darkblood hellspawn ranked 3000ish

Darkblood reapers ranked 11000ish

New teams starting every few weeks now so come join a fun, fast growing faction with lots of room for promotion ; )

Squires ranked 570 hellspawn ranked 2700 reapers ranked 4500 & knights ranked 650 (knights dropped. A bit as our generals r spreading through other teams to teach our way) , all teams after members

New team darkblood assassins formed today, has 20 spaces free & is boosted from mass alliance lvl up if any1 interested

Lol we seem to have a few copycat darkblood teams so at this stage I remind people the only official darkblood teams are : Knights, squires, reapers, hellspawn, assassins .

; ) but have sent friend requests to copycat alliance leaders so they may soon b officially joining

Searching darkblood is bringing up a larger list every few days which is awesome!!! And spread at every level almost from rank 500 down to the newest alliance

Cant wait to see it in 12months ; )

Darkblood elite has formed, requirements 2500+ trophy

100k donation minimum

Apply if u think u are strong enough

Good luck & happy hunting

Darkblood butchers created today & after new members

As well as butchers we also have assassins, squires, knights, reapers, hellspawn & elite.

Come join one of our many teams & travel throughout our faction ; )


Azraelnezharoth 2nd

Have shifted our forces around & now have a lot of spaces in knights to fill, when full it is a 300- 500 ranked alliance depending on member rank.

come join a large growing faction


Azraelnezharoth 2nd