Das quietschende Haus (the squeaky house)

I am new to RR2, and one day my mouse missed my target and I clicked on a house which is North East of my Silo; just above a tavern.

The house made a funny noise; sort of a growl/grunt/ hey stop poking me sound. Being easily amused I kept clicking on this house just to hear it complain,

eventually somewhere between 6-12 mouse clicks; “1 Gem” appears above it’s roof, and it makes a happy sigh of relief sound. (you then click the gem)

This is a once a day thing that all Kings & Queens playing RR2 can utilize for their castle & kingdom. 

Sinister Eggplant Das Seelengrab Allianz

one OF THE estereggS ???

eggactly what I thought. now I am wondering IF there are others :slight_smile: