Date of game creation

Good evening.

I have a simple question to ask is if it is possible to have an indication of when I started playing RR2.

I no longer remember the exact date and I would like to know this information. Can someone help me get the information?

The name of my king is: Rui Lage

I think the game was created in early 2014, I think summer

He is asking if there is a way for him to look up the information about when HE started playing the game, not when the game was officially launched :wink:

Thanks ShiroKo is exactly what you said. I wonder if I have a way of knowing when I started my game with my king.

I don’t know whether there’s a way to know when we started play this game our self when we forgot it except for flaregames staff.

That question usually asked by flaregames support to confirm ownership of the account when there’s trouble so I think they won’t tell us if we ask them (but you can always try ask them because they know mostly all of your account progress).

By the way here’s no player with that ign in the game now.

If you need it to protect your account, a simple 3$ for a daily gem chest will do. The receipt is enough proof to restore the game. 

I know I started playing in May 2014. 

Thanks for the reply RoyaleDing2

I’m going to try asking the flare about what I want to know, it’s not about recovering the appended account from wondering when I started my game.

Already the name of my king is the  .: Rui Lage

Maybe they’ll tell you if there’s no any problems with your account.

Good luck! ?



Thank you RoyaleDing2