Day/Night Cycle in the kingdom

If you can’t tell what this suggestion is from the title, which you probably can’t, then let me explain. Right now, our kingdom with our defense, farms, taverns, Throne Room, etc. is stuck at a certain time of day. For instance: In the normal landscape, it’s stuck at noon, in the Christmas and Lava landscapes it’s evening. I think it’d be really awesome to have a lighting cycle based on the actual time of day in your region! We already have a mini-version of this during attacks!

…oOOHHH. Yeah, that’d be neat. Night raids and all that… (although I generally hate raiding dark themed maps, because I can’t see nuthin’, but it’d be some neat visuals and stuff)

The term you were looking for for the title, AK, is “day/night cycle”. I think it describes your suggestion better.

I think it s a good idea too…but…u must state also how it is going to benefit gamers to make it worthwhile. If it s just a scenery thing then it s pointless, it s just going to add to the game size for no reason

Can add more difficulty to the game. Can be awesome. If you fight during night you will not see bomb or trap correctly. So more fail. If you fight during day you can have rain or cloud who will drop brightness and make you raid more hard. Weather affect is always welcome in a game for better experience. We have ask the same in OR and hope to have this one day

Wait, why can this not be added into the game? I understand if you guys don’t want to add this in, but how in the world can this be considered “non-feasible”. I know TONS of games that have this feature in it. Would it really be that hard to add?

OOOOOOH!!!  I love this idea!  You can log in, and a weather report for the next week pops up.  Every day would be something different- rain, sun, snow, wind… all of those would have an affect on your fighting and defense!  Rainy days can slowly drain your stamina, forcing you to use heal or a bear pal.  Snowy days automatically slow down your progress by 10% or so, Windy days could “blow” the gargoyles into the next lane instead of them having to follow your other troops.  There are a million ways this could be used to “force” us to experiment with different gear, spells, pals, etc.  I know some of you will think I’m nuts, but with people calling for something new because it’s gotten too boring for them- this could be the challenge you’re looking for!