While we are attacking someone and at the same time if the enemie strike on us we are loosing fury and our attack, bad connection 

@CaptainMorgan @GalaMorgane

Happened to me too, plus the ‘Strike won/lost’ messages show our Alliance’s name instead of the other team’s name.

Same here, wasted 2 attempts like this. Pls fix it!

Not reported on our alliance. Hmmm.

This is happening to everyone it seems. :slightly_frowning_face:

Yes I thought such things only happen to me???.I too lose connection whenever somebody attacks me while I am on a raid or about to start a battle.

@CaptainMorgan is there any soultion to ths problem as I have faced this issue multiple times in the past.???

Happened at least a dozen times in my alliance to multiple people including myself.

i also had the game crash then say bad connection for ten minutes at a time when trying to purchase alliance gold.  I was charged twice and never got the gold

I can confirm this behavior, at least since the latest update; I was on a very solid wifi network.  I kept getting kicked out whenever I was harvesting resources or attacking during the beginning of war, losing my raids age my VP.  The timing lines up with logs of attacks on my base.   Apparently, the dozens of lost trophies, gold and VP is not due to network issues, but a design big when another player tries to attack me when I was already attacking an island on my map or in war (but not on odyssey)  

I have seen it cause one of four possible problems

  1. immediate disconnect during attack (worst of bugs, lost resources, fury or vp, GEMS) 

  2. immediate disconnect during gameplay (annoying but only lost time) 

  3. unable/delay  opening chests.  I used to see this often year ago , it got much better, but with recent update it is back.   You finish raid, you go to open chests, and it might be first it might be last one  but you press the crest and nothing happens, OR the chest gets such “stuck” during part of animation of opening… It is pretty amusing to see, but annoying.  It gets stuck for 30 to 60 seconds then continue. 

  4. you open chest, but you don’t have enough slots for item.  The " purchase slot" for 5/10 gems opens up.    You are unable to select to accept or deny the purchase of slot. 

{3&4 are new bugs since latest release) 

Think about it… During the start of war will be the peak of your servers and higher likelihood of two players attacking at same time. That’s when I see dozens of top generals complaining about their teams being kicked out of the game. Maybe it is only when same players attack each other?  It would be pretty easy to write a script to batch launch s bunch of simulated players adjust each other and monitor the results in your development lab.  

So the game works so long as players choose other players who aren’t attacking at the time. 

Strange bug, but it is even wore that this is affecting your top,  most active,  best players, who spend the most money with REAL money…  I hope besides a fix you offer a free  donation from the gods for the trouble… 


Same here, right now that another alliance declared on us while I was raiding. Disconnect, zero VP, fury lost :frowning:

_ When I am in a battle and … anyone makes a attack I automatically get disconnected and lose the battle _.

Same here.???

yeah, it happens to everyone. It was reported after last war. Really disappointing that this bug as well as the size/color of the messenger font wasn’t fixed between wars.

i got disconnected three times during this war hencd lost 3 furies.I realized that this happened everytime we either attacked another island or got attacked.

This war I have lost 5 battles due to disconnection issues - which has cost me trophies and VP in war.  It has been happening to EVERYONE in my alliance around the world and to me from different networks.  It is NOT my internet it is YOUR server as it reconnects almost immediately.  I also have had two instances where I and a another member (me in Australia, them in the USA) lost connections simultaneously



Apart from the fact that it is very bad design in the game to work like this (it would be quite possible to battle locally and only score the result after a proper finish) in this instance it is costing us all a lot of time and angst and it is a problem caused by Flare.

I think you need to compensate us please

I’ve seen about two hundred 'mr too"posts on chat…  

please fix this shit 

I’m sure it is on the radar:however, it would be prudent for the devs to acknowledge it is being worked on, and when it is expected to be resolved, or if it had at least been confirmed. 

We all have the power to vote with our feet and find another game to play. 

the game stopped when I was playing in the war map , it happened when an officer of my alliance launched a new strike 

very annoying bug