De Doetjes (Level 17)


We are De Doetjes (wich is dutch for “pushovers”) we are a level 17 guild and currently have 14/22 members.

We are looking for more active members so that we can become a better guild with eventually permanent elite boost (wich will take quite some time). We have won our 3rd war!                 All of us speak english.

  • Do u like the game?  
  • Do u like war seasons?
  • Do u like to donate gold? <3
  • Do u like being a pushover?  (just kidding)

A few requirments however, 

  • Donate gold daily!
  • Level up your alliance tower (when possible offcourse)
  • Say hello once in a while!
  • Join every war!! 

Are u a active player that is willing to learn and grow in this game u are welcome to join! (want a invite u can leave a message here or friend invite bakajij or Spectrall666)


Updated, 09-10-2016.