Deadly Combo with Toxic Cloud!

This combo works great against Phoebe! Enjoy!


@AwesomestKnightest really liked the video- just as much for general game play - as you know I’ve been out the game for a long time! 

I’m having relative success with killing C.P where you encounter on the same path- but where it meets my army on opposite paths the army die instantly as C.P launches nukes or something that even max health +max shield can’t save them (any damage is obviously healed). Seem a great tactic to just have one long parallel path and stick in C.P.

This beast is easily 3 times stronger than any other beast mainly as the hero can’t solo it. One failed attempt to kill it and that’s it. Cross path attack OP.

I really wonder what players in lower level alliances do with minimum boosted troops, as it seems every man and his dog has C.P like they gave it away with special tokens of cornflakes? For it’s strength I’d expect the alliance players to have made a pact with the devil!

I know here that the forum is generally represented by the higher lvl members with 200+ forges on troops/powers, so expect them obviously to say the game is easy. Just seems strange I’m at mid trophy level and not had one attack in 3 days - when I played  before it was several attacks in a single day easily. I’m wondering if this beast deters players raiding at mid lower level as it does with me currently?

Just at low and mid trophy level the game is close dead. Same at level 100. I got 1 attack close per week. Before maybe 1 year ago that was easy to sleep and wake up after 8 hours and got 10 or 15 attacks.

So that why the game is not hard like before. Just stay below 2000 and take time to max all. After you can up at 4500+ to have more action

For Phoebe well depend of her strength and HP. Majority of time I defeat her with nothing and 1 time I only make her lost half of her bar. But still I am at 2000 range. So no much effort to do. No not all have 200+ forge. I have only 10+ forge

Still Firestorm and Toxic Cloud are the best to use against Phoebe. When you meet her use Toxic Cloud to slow her and Firestorm to damage her. After use guardian special ability to kill her. Sometime that work and sometime not. at 80% of time that work.

I use 3 combo : Firestorm.Toxic Cloud and Black Magic for Phoebe base. Cast Black Magic to surrounding phoebe with ghost units during you cast Toxic Cloud and Firestorm and Cast guardians ability

I use with No Phoebe : Firestorm,Toxic Cloud, Swordrain. Work pretty well

For Ninja Event : Sonic Blast,Firestorm and Bladestorm for real damage

yeah Toxic Cloud,Stun and Swordrain is a good combo against Phoebe because Toxic slow her. Swordrain hurt her and Stun well stun all around. Everyone who didn’t try this do it. Really awesome(nest)

The only problem I have with this combo is the fact that it doesn’t deal a lot of damage, and that causes a longer attack. With my normal combo I may have finished with 20 more seconds on the clock. Perhaps more. But still, that doesn’t take away the fact that it works well against Phoebe. Glad you liked the video!

The way to get out of this problem would be to use the scream boost and hold your troops back while Phoebe moves past that parallel path. Wait to be on the same path as Phoebe, cause, like you pointed out, he won’t get touched if you meet him across the path

its that I do in some design base. Use scream to hold back to avoid Phoebe. until you cna reach a good path to deal with her. So if you reach a chokepoint you can scream to hold them back or hurry to advance more faster to avoid stay there

Never face Phoebe in other side of a path or a chokepoint. You will risk Armageddon destroy all your army and you will be alone and die

@AwesomestKnightestyour pretty much right; and that’s what I’ve been trying to accomplish, means battles have to be very very controlled, no randomness at these low lvls, I also have to use a few items with scream boost perk to deal with this - I’m also using Yowie ring, (slows time/ice damage) this keeps engaging it a little better, but if it smells troops coming on the opposite path meeting with the main group, it does tend to go to defcon 5 and launch death everywhere. Nobody thought that Armageddon thing was just a bit high range/damage!!! Really?

I completely agree that the range on Phoebe’s Armageddon is way too large. I have never been a supporter of nerfing Phoebe, but I’ve always said that the one and only thing that needs to be changed is his range

If you have to, use the scream and move backwards to get completely out of Phoebe’s range. Like all beasts, Phoebe doesn’t attack unless you are within one tile of him

Yeah I’d honestly rather face 3 other beasts on one base than 1 C.P.  Reminds me of OR and everyone having Perseus as a statue…

I’ll really try and hang back more in battle just to fight at the right place. Time will then probably be an issue, but better than dying… :slight_smile:  

Lol, yeah, although, you haven’t met Frosty Fritz yet. He’s even better than Phoebe, but really only once he is upgraded to level 4. Below that he doesn’t deal quite enough damage

I remember the Perseus problem lol…I hate that guy so much :lol: