Deals or no deals. What trickery is this?

I recently started a new account for my son and thought I would hook him up with some gems and a nice starter package. So im seeing all kinds of packs being offered while im setting up his base but I’m still waiting for a nice gem deal. Ok one finally comes up and I purchase a ton of gems.

So now I’m ready to buy the good starter pack…you know the one with the 1 spell,1 worker,1 troop combo…

Well it never happens.

To my surprise it seems that once you buy gems they no longer offer you any packs to buy…That way you’re stuck buying the items individually at the normal high rate.

That’s a complete rip off!!

I know one thing…i bet ill never buy anymore jems on this game again

Awesome job Flaregames…That greed will cost you in the long run.

This is standard, once you have a decent amount of gems you won’t be offered any packages until you drop below a certain threshold. The best way around this is to buy one small pack at a time to start with as and when a package appears, then once you have your spell slots, troops slot, maybe an extra worker or two buy the larger packages. I have not had a package offer in about a year now as I have been above the threshold.

They should make this post appear in the tuttorial for beginners. You said it all in like three sentences.