Dear FG. I love you, but I hate you, but I love you.

[This is going to be long.]

Before I even say anything let me tell that I am a noob. Many players have been playing this game for more than 1-2 years and I just installed it a month back. Hell I even registered myself on your forum only about 5 days ago, so I may not be very ‘experienced’ or ‘expert’ in your game but this doesn’t mean I don’t love your game.

Before continuing further I think I must tell you a few things about me and my experince with your game so that you can have a rough idea who you are talking too.
*Big fan of gaming.
*Installed Royal Revolt 2 about a month back.
*My current level- 50
*I am a free player, haven’t spent a single penny yet.
*In ‘Rise of the Ninjas’.
-Didn’t crash a single time while playing the ninja islands (Despite the fact that my device has only 512 MB RAM. Windows Phone 8.1)
-Ninja level is 3.
-Secured 1st rank in my tier.
-Spent only 15 gems to skip cooldown.
-I’m on vacation so I have a lot of time. I even played many battles in the middle of the night.

We loved you (and I still love you):
There are many ‘war’ games, there are many ‘stratagy’ games and there are many adventure games. Many other games have bigger community, better graphics and less role of money. But I’ve never seen any game balancing these different thing so well to create someting that can be enjoyed by any age group even when they don’t want to spend money. The fact is if someone has patience to wait he/she can be one of the top players of the game even without spending money. You were doing pretty well before the ninja event and everybody loved you but the hatred started after you launched your new version (2.5) so lets talk about the Ninja Event.

The ‘Rise of Frustation’:
-You announced the Ninja Event more than 25 days before launching and when it finally started after so much waiting (not to mention the nailbiting Facebook countdown teaser + 4 days extra waiting) you messed up. You messed up BIG. Your servers went down and our hearts sank.
-We were disappointed because we were expecting a lot fom you. Hell you wanted us to expect. And what did you give us- new ‘special uber items’ like a Chicken Leg. Are you kidding me? A freaking chicken leg? This may be funny to you but you should know know the difference between ‘creativity’ and ‘insanity’. My Hero represents ‘me’ in the game. I am a decent person and I would never like my Hero wandering around with a goddamn Chicken Leg in his hand. It is mocking my King. It is like making fun of the game itself!
-Increased role of money.
Although you were taking care of free players before the update, you took  your money extracting attitudes to whole new hights when you made it almost impossible for players to perform well in the Ninja Event without spending gems no matter how skilled he/she is (my case is an exception because nobody plays in the middle of the night). Why does this game want all of our time and money?
-The frequent connection problems:
And when someone finally uses their hard earned money to excel in the game they are welcomed with a Connection Error message. If you are taking so much money give us standard service.
-Frequent Crashes.
Though I am not a paying player, I can fully understand the pain of someone who spends their thousands of gems to skip cooldowns and crashes in the middle of a battle. And then you give them a compensation of 200 gems and a ‘sorry’. Sometimes a ‘sorry’ is not enough’.

But I understand:
-I understand that you are here to do business. I know that to keep such a big thing alive for such a long time you need big resources.
-I understand that this is a ‘free to play’ game and not a ‘free’ game. You could have made it ‘only for paying players’ and still many would’ve played it. The fact that you have made every bit of the game available for free players also who are willing to wait, is appreciable in itself.
-And the good thing thing is your stand is very clear. You want to take care of all of your players, that’s why you communicate so frequently, give away thousands of gems in raffles and give compensations (though not enough for many). I like your caring attitute, and the fact that you have accepting your mistakes and trying to work on them.

*And finally a few suggestions
-Please remove the awkward weapons.
-Fix the crashes and server problems (Hire more and better people in your team).
-Change the format of the Ninja Event.
-Develop a system to find the (real) players who have lost gems and could’t get good rank in the Ninja Event because of crashes and connection errors and compensate them well.

Thank you for reading! I think we will stay togeter for a while :slight_smile:

Not at all, everything started from the introduction of Blacksmith


They will never do it, once a thing is in the game they don’t remove it, just an example: skull bonus in chests: many asked to remove it since its birth but no action has been taken for it.

Devs never remove stuff from the game because I guess they think it was freaking hard to code, I know it’s very painful to delete some part of a program when you invested time and effort on it, but if you have all of your clients mad about that function and telling you to delete it, maybe you should swallow your frustration and eliminate that part of your code.


Nice long post here. :grinning:

This message is not specially addressed to you but to the whole community, though it also answers your feedback/suggestions.

Regarding the ninja event, I agree there have been issues, no need to deny it. The communication at the beginning of the event (regarding the waiting time for example) is something we discussed with the team to improve it next time, and make it clearer if it was not to start directly once the version is live, so the players do not have high hopes, then have to wait longer.

On Friday for the start of the event, things didn’t go as expected. The issue has been investigated over the evening/night, and the event got delayed to Sunday. Why Sunday and not Monday? We wanted the length of the event to be the same as what it should have been if it started on Friday. If it had to start later on, it would have delayed the whole schedule (Uber granny event and War season) which might have caused further issues later. On Sunday, we got a small heart attack as it took longer for the event to start, but finally it started.

On Tuesday night (German time it was night), we encountered issues again. Luckily, this time it was not an issue on our side, but on Amazon Web Services side. However, the impact was the same, the players were not able to play. The situation came back to normal once those services were fully operational again, but it penalized players who wanted to play during this time.

This is the first event of this kind that we run, so we might make some changes later on, now that we got feedback from the community… Thanks to this feedback, we will be able to discuss many sides of the event, and what could be changed or improved.

There have been complaints about the lack of information: the FAQ will also be updated to palliate these lacks and make it easier to get into the event, with a global overview of the mechanics.

Many players encountered crashes and disconnections during this event, and it definitely had a bad impact on their playing time. This is one of the thing we definitely want to improve for the next event, similarly as some bugs/issues encountered. We already addressed one of the issue the community reported to us, concerning the battle attempts being deducted even if there is a crash at the beginning of the battle. Yes there are other crashes as well, and no they have not been forgotten by the team. I will communicate more information about those in the future.

I gathered the feedback regarding the event. I forwarded the technical issues to the team, as it is definitely not something I can handle. I shared the community’s suggestions with the team, and they will look into it over the next days. If any changes were to be made for the next event, I will communicate them as soon as I know them.

Regarding the new Uber items, those one have been designed in an original way, to change from the classical weapons. You don’t have to use them, an they are here to add a “touch of fun and originality” to the game. I highly doubt those would be removed, as you have a choice to use them or not.

I have to say, this event was a long run, both for the players and for the team. Having to get up in the middle of the night, staying up late or working over the weekend was exhausting. We really hoped things would go well, but they didn’t go as expected, and we are sorry for this. We want the next Ninja event to run smoothly, and we will do our best for this.

I know a lot of players feel cheated regarding the compensation, after all these issues, and I can understand the frustration/exasperation, after spending time and/or money into the game. In any case, it is not an enjoyable player experience, I agree with this. As Community Manager, I relayed this feedback to the team. It might not be satisfactory as it didn’t change the result, but it has been communicated.


As Community Manager, I can let you know that starting in the next weeks, there will be more events on the forums for you to enjoy. Royal Revolt 2 Community is the key for this game to be alive after more than 2 years, therefore it is just normal and deserved that the active and involved community get additional activity, outside of the game. I pretty well know that the most active and involved players are on the forums, and you will get the attention that you deserve. I didn’t have the time for this over the last weeks/months, but in the weeks to come I will share with you a schedule of events, and if you have any suggestions, they are welcome. :grinning:


If there are any questions that you want to ask and I can answer, I will do so.

Thank you for your time reading this, and your patience.

Actually the hate started with Elite Boosts. It got worse with the introduction of War Seasons but wasn’t voiced extremely loudly until the Blacksmith arrived, e.g. the “Kill Tweety Bird” post.

omg i think future events can sit on the fence for a few runs…i will wait for feedback from [layers b4 doing another…run 1 island to get the compensation…get some time and money back anyway

I hope i read it correctly, more events are only in forum and not in game. I also hope no more new in game events before all the existing events can run smoothly. “Smart” move with the more forum events as distraction though… 


perhaps they should apply their time and energy to getting rid of the bugs…instead of new forum events…gameplay would improve the


You guys know better. I was not around when these things happened so I can’t say much about it.


Regarding the new Uber items: All of us here, be it players or the FG team, want the better for the game. You want to keep them and I think most of us don’t like them. Time to make a choice.

EDIT: It’s a time when you will have to make solid choices and the choices you make now will determine the future of the game. The game needs major changes like removing the skull bonuses in war chests and rethinking about the format of Ninja Event. If you keep ignoring the players’ feedback it will cause further frustation and loss for both of us.

I love the blacksmith!

The problem isn’t new content. 

People were getting bored of the game before the new content, now the same bored people are annoyed at the game because of the new content…

The game has to evolve or it will lose people. 

There will always be growing pains though.

I think as everyone has been saying the new content needed is the ability to defend your castle in person maybe just from the villain.  And some even odd way to go real-time head-to-head with other players.  That’s what makes Clash Royale so big.

Agreed. We can discuss everything later but this urgent issue needs to be fixed before anything else.

Nice move.

Thanks Alyssa,

I understand that staying up day and night for the paid flare employees was tough…

Given that experience should the unpaid players experience the same over 3 days?

The qquestion the entire fflare team needs to ask themselves is the ninja event one of a skills and game play or purely a mechanism for. Attrition. IE. Were the users beaten or beaten down… these have very different outcomes the first a user is challenged to his limits and motivated to do better. The other is a construct for failure that has little to do with the game or the users ability.


The event was fine from a one fight perspective Overall IT NEEDS MORE THOUGHT


You read correctly. The schedule for the in-game events is the same and nothing has changed.

The feedback regarding the new items has been forwarded as well, but it is also something that you can avoid using if you don’t want to. The design of these new items might be something you don’t like, but you can keep on using more traditional items.

As said in my post, this event was the first of its kind. The concerns and suggestions about the event have been collected and shared with the team, accordingly changes might more likely happen in the next occurrences of the Ninja event.

i can hardly wait for ninja event,i love crashing and losing…roll on flare

Great post alysea.

But should u not give the feedback that the weapons created like chicken leg is totally dumb and majority of the rr2 community don’t like it and want regular weapons.   Not some type of ridiculous weapons


The design development team should get this feedback.  Else god knows what else they will introduce.   It is ok if u cannot remove si CE it is optional


But hope in future , additions like this can avoided as it does not match this war game

I was thinking pepperoni fire

Popsicle yep ice


Thanks for the info and feedback etc. I think you did a very good job fire-fighting this event (10 out of 10 for that). However I am deeply concerned about:

I find the above statement very difficult to believe because it is very clear to me that the focus of this update was speed and not stability. Before this update it was impossible for the RR2 game to crash on my windows & android device (as I decided to switch to android to fix the video problems on my side). The game just keep running and running and I had to kill the app many times in order for it to stop running. Since the first update I have 10-20 crashes per day (AND I AM NOT OVERSTATING THIS)  just on the kingdom screen. Many times I even had to restart the game 5-10 times before it runs. I even need to reboot my phone now once a day to get RR2 running. Why?

My opinion is (and I bet you a 1000 gems I am right) is the fact that the ninja content was added in the same memory container as the rest of the castle. Why do I say this?

  • When starting a battle there is a 10 sec delay to load the battle engine. (Clearly a separate process)

  • When going into the dungeon there is a 10 sec delay to load the dungeon engine. (Clearly a separate process)

  • Even when we chat there is a delay as the content is loaded. (Clearly there is big optimisations done to load things in memory and to unload other stuff.

All the above is indications that many things is done to achieve stability.

But going to the ninja event with all of those moving water and islands THERE IS NO DELAY!!! It is super fast! And this is very BAD!!! because it all run in the same memory and process containers. THIS IS THE ROOT CAUSE for this instability in the game (on the phone side).  The chamber of fortune at the end of the battle also suffers from this bad design.

Clearly your software architect has made a BIG design flaw and has caused all of this trouble - and I find it really hard to believe that he/she did not know or realise at some point before the release his/her BIG blunder! He/She did not had the guts to warn about the incoming threat of this release or to delay the event. This event actually did go as expected because a bad design is sure to cause havoc!!! (And your internal quality process was sure to testify to this bad software quality) 



If you do not wake up now and fix this - you will end up as Windows Vista did.

So, free players are happy. Give my compensation to them too. Don’t need your 200 gems.