Dear Flare: Some tips for the next update to make gamers happy

Dearest Flare,


I hear you’re about to give us an incredible update. Although I’m disappointed to hear that there will be no Chocolate Stay-Puff Cyclops Monster coming (everybody has been BEGGING for this), I’m eager to see the variety of gameplay unleashing. I was also hoping to see a new spell that permanently freezes Edward the 7th’s base because he’s SO annoying (but handsome!), but I can see why that would be unfair.


Here are some things that might help to prevent a Royal Revolt on your headquarters in Germany the day the update rolls out:


  1. Leave MUCH fewer things to chance. It stinks to drop 4000 pearls and get NOTHING out of it. At least give smaller upgrades per fail, even if just a tenth of what you’re trying to get normally (like 0.1% skull perk upgrade should give 0.01% increase per fail). If we can upgrade spells, don’t make it about chance. Just make it about whether we have saved enough gold/gems/pearls.


  1. Don’t add more pay-to-win elements. P2W is already part of war skulls, skull perks, scrolling, gems for Alliance Tower and Smithy, my king’s haircut… and so forth. Let’s cap the P2W elements and just build a fun game from here on out.


  1. Focus on variety of gameplay. If there’s anything that will drive me from this game, it will be redundancy and just making the game harder for no reason. There shouldn’t be 10,000 L-shaped bases with pretty much the same tower placement. Whatever it takes to remove this BORING aspect should be done. You seem to be hinting at this in the preview videos, and the dungeons look awesome, so go for it all around! And don’t give stronger war boosts that replace our earned war boosts. That’s not right, because it removes the incentive to win: give us creative boosts! Make our kings dizzy from wacky bases that are fun and not just hard.


  1. Make more troops useful. It’s weird to fight the same 5 troops/monsters during EVERY raid. Mortar, paladin, and mummy are currently endangered species. And pryo is just awkward on defense.


  1. Don’t frustrate your players. Don’t do anything that seems to act only in the best interest of your company. It sucks to read chat board after chat board in so many alliances that repeat how greedy the game developers are. It’s such a downer. Blacksmith has been hugely frustrating. CoF crashes have been hugely frustrating. Overpowered defensive elements like Accursed Tower and Stargazer make people suspicious that these things have only been added to make us cough up gems. The way special packages come and go does the same thing, too. A good game makes the developers all but DISAPPEAR. We shouldn’t be thinking about you while we play. We should only be focused on having fun. That’s why we play games, right?


Thanks for continuing to develop the game. I can’t wait for that cyclops. Hope to see him on the battlefied soon.


Hugs and kisses,


Remove the casino aspect of the blacksmith, make perk values more consistent, and a way to choose which perks to get (as useful as toxic cloud will be in the next update…).

Lets just wait for RR3 and hope they learn something from this RR2 mess

If they dont release RR3, we Clash Royale!

Very well said Blookie Bloo, I echo your comments.


Further to that, Flare please admit you were wrong about the vouchers. Sooooo lame. Just convert straight up (1:1) into pearls and we’ll pretend it never happened. Seriously, leave all the purchase items and friend code stuff, just ditch the vouchers. Every time I am forced to go collect my vouchers I feel like kicking something. Its an insult to get 18 vouchers in the third CoF chest instead of 90 gems. WTF were you guys thinking?


Black Smith is really just a front for a casino. Let me buy what I want, don’t leave it to chance. If I wanted to gamble I would be playing Big Fish Casino.


PTW has been the reason many people have been leaving the game. Many top guys now are playing 2 or more accounts. Lets figure out a way to increase the amount of gamers, and not bleed the last few loyal customers dry.


I’m really hoping the update breathes some life into the game.

+1 Stoggberg

Great post totally agree

Already way to much pay to win and curses on the horrible random spin gambling system hate it

hopefully they will discover that what you saidm will give more profit on long term.


good post !!!

you posted this too late blookie :stuck_out_tongue:

Worst one - skulls in CoF!

No matter how carefully u raid, u can’t avoid spending gems! Nd flare has employed a very cumming strategy! I always seem to hit almost all the skull chest on the first day of war. But on the consequent days, this frequency reduces nd sometimes I end up opening all six of em, simply to maintain my skull count!

The skull perk, an advanced version of this. For people no longer satisfied with gems spent on CoF!

@Stoggberg: I don’t get ur problem with the vouchers. I think they r a good concept. 18 vouchers is more than a raid’s food nd can be used at one’s leisure nd quite useful to people who don’t hv food vids or just don’t want to bother with the food vids every time. Nd u r not going to get a lot of gems out of CoF anyway!

Amazing u find 18 vouchers more frustrating than a 30k gold item in the 3rd chest!

PS- love ur comment Adju! kudos!

Adju, excellent post. Those issues are really painful.


Though there is a saying: It will not help the sheep to reach a unanimous resolution for Vegeterianity, as long as the wolf thinks different…


Flares will continue with their greed line even more deeply, thinking we are all just sheep.


P.S. A time will come when the beautiful cross-bases will rule the game. Sick of the same dull L-bases. You can’t distinguish between different players.