Dear Flare. WTF Planet are you on?

Your communications are abysmal. For those of us with iOS devices we are losing trophies as normal, plus unable to gain any trophies as crashes occur often enough to negate any possible gains we can make. Through all of this what do we hear? Sweet FA. Some BS about Apple not approving your software? I can’t say I’m surprised considering the amount of bugs it contains. Here’s a couple of ideas for you:

  1. for goodness sake stop releasing code late in the week. You don’t work weekends which is fine, but stop releasing code so everyone suffers with your bugs through the weekend.

  2. don’t release an update till you can release it to all. You are creating an imbalance which is going to piss off half your customers. 

  3. Communicate for goodness sake. Bugs are annoying but the disrespect you show your customers with your half assed responses makes me fume.

C- for tone but A+ for content.