Dear Lord What ISN'T a Problem Around Here?

In the last five minutes, I tried to get a free video chest (forced to watch the video, no chest. as usual) and then had an Uber Chest give me one NON-Uber item before it just shut down.

Gosh my monthly gem package ran out yesterday. Guess I won’t be paying for another one.

Oh… oh … oh … I can name one… FESTIVALS.   What did I win… what did I win? 

The button to connect to Facebook does NOTHING, no connection, losing out on multiple pal chests.

Still not a single free video chest even after watching multiple vids.

And you want money from me for your game? I could answer that question but the answer would probably get me banned from this board.

I’ve had two granny chests that had only 3 items so I guess I was mildly more lucky than you. But if there can be one item in an uber chest then what’s stopping them from having that one item be the Laughing Poison Skull from cof. Lootboxes everyone! Gambling ftw!