Dear pathetic flare..

Oh well I will be super offensive cuz I just can’t take it anymore. Been playing this game for about 1 and a half year with months of break due to the stupidity they make from time to time.

Obviously you are seeking money ONLY and don’t really give a shit about the players and their opinion, hence always nerfing some units and troops cuz they are giving the players the advantage to go through bases without using gems, which means less money for you.

Won’t go back much but will start from nerfing paladin. Not sure why you always focus on offense not defence, I mean paladin were doing a good job, so maybe the players should improve their defence or use different strategy in defense but nah nerfing it is way better just to make it almost impossible for someone to go through top 100 bases without using gems.

After the dragon update, ppl complained that they were taking ages to make one dragon, but ofc you didn’t give a shit, cuz again you want ppl to use more gems to make more profit.

But I have no idea what you did right now to the froster Dragons, I mean 2 days ago I was able to make 2-3 dragons and still fail at some bases, which shows they are not that OP, still you fucking nerfed them?!! I did about 20 raids and failed to make 1 dragon? Are you taking the piss? I don’t really give a shit anymore and probably will delete the game simply because cba

You will keep this bullshit going and going, even if you introduce more units and towers, you making them decent then nerf them after seeing the result, it’s like you don’t even have a team of testers!


Just to put this in perspective, what level base/hero are you?

Lvl 94 around 5k trophies.

… Well with that level and decent boosts you should be able to take down some top 100 bases, maybe not many … but then again 5k trophies puts you about 750-800 … so you are maybe trying to punch above your weight. Don’t forget that means there are 800 or so better bases in theory than yours and I’m pretty sure over 800 kings above your level.


Top 100 players can still win scroll free on top 100 bases, with paladin pre nerf anyone above about lvl 85 could, the same could be said for frost dragon, as they were it made upgrading bases pointless as a simpleton could beat a maxed base. Currently defence is actually quite weak in comparison to attack, so if you can’t win you are aiming too high I’m afraid.

Have you tried the dragons yet? I used to beat ppl from top 50 without a problem, but every morning I try the same tactics and they fail, simply because flare change\nerf things every single second to make it more and more difficult. 

This topic is aiming for the dragons. People used to make 4-5 dragons per battle, yet now failing to make 1 dragons, which is just a joke. I mean seriously what’s the point of the whole update if you can’t spawn a dragon at all? If they are too OP for flare, then nerf their damage but not the freaking time, they are taking ages to spawn anyway… 

Yup I use them, I get 2-3 per raid, used to be more but my point is why are you attacking top 50, if you are 700 places below them? Ohh and their and frosters damage has been nerfed, that’s why they are harder to spawn.

I have max troops and 3 max spells (bliz,sonic,shield) with 12.6k leadership and 16.6k health. What is missing to beat top bases? 

That’s not enough to beat all, and so it shouldn’t be … why should you beat top bases, you aren’t maxed, many of them are … with those stats you should be able to beat some higher level bases, but the game isn’t just about stats, there is a skill to raiding its not just strap on an OP troop and go for it which is why the pally and frosters got weakened.


Why not beat bases at your own level instead of trying to beat those that are so much higher? High level guys can beat high level bases as can some very good lower level raiders… that’s how it should be.

Still that doesn’t change anything about flare nerfing any decent troop\spell. 

No they were OP not decent, they are both still viable options if you know how to use them and are strong enough … By your logic a newbie should be able to take down your base as long as he has max spells and boosts … its not how its meant to be.

Also can you inform me what am I missing to beat top bases? Cuz all I know is even at top 100 bases, they still use gems against each other. They might end up having a gem-free raid or 2 but that’s almost once a day, so the main idea of flare is that you use gem to beat a max base. 

some in top 100 are just rich and scroll bases, they never bother to learn how to raid


i dont know how to use dragon at all, never tried them and didnt even know they were nerfed or OP before this but seeing your stats you probably need more scream boost and less leadership also a lil bit of skills and sometimes luck.Practice will help, youtube videos will help too.if theres anything to complaint about the game now its not offence but defence, its too weak even when you fight a full boosted maxed out base.

I should share some pics of top 50 players where they spend tons and tons of gems on other top 50. Oh well I remember on the first season of war top 10 players from VL used tons of gems on me while I was around 4.5k, don’t tell me they are all unskilled lol… 

I’m pretty sure it’s the opposite way around, you can be lucky once or twice beating the same base scroll-free, other than that you will have to spend gems. 

Not sure if you’ve seen maxed bases of gargoyles? Try those scroll-free and then we talk. 

Frosters and Pyromancers are pretty much useless now, unlike other boosts. I don’t see the point of that update at all. 

Still nobody told me what’s the difference between me and top 50 players? I mean I’ve seen top 10 players with lvl 90! Obviously they have hell of a base and struggle vs 5k bases in attack, so they use hell of gems to make it so high in the leader board as a show off, which is pathetic.  


As Fii mentioned above scream would be a great help and also learning how to use it. Some VL are notorious for using scrolls on bases to beat them, not all of them though, so gaining gems that way is no surprise. Also top guys often use scrolls for safety, the gains when you are top 10 can be as little as 2-3 trophies per raid, but the cost of a loss is 14+, so rather than mess one raid up and have to do 5 to regain trophies, they use an odd scroll to be sure.


Yes I have tried Max bases with gargs, as I am sure has the Fii account, and yes they can be beaten scroll free, again not always but often certainly, and for the record, I rarely scroll unless its required in war … I just take the loss … cost me a lot of trophies yesterday breaking down some bases so I could scroll free them.


Of the few lvl 90 players that have made top 10, most are heavy scrollers and one or two are very skilled raiders … IL certainly has a number that can beat most bases scroll free on a regular basis, in general VN raiders are amongst the very best.