Dear Vanguard

Hello Vanguard,


Obviously you decided to not show up on the battlefield this evening.  I’m disappointed.  I was hoping to spend the night raiding your bases and beating you again like NATO did yesterday.  Instead I’m here taunting you to try to get you motivated to care about playing this game! lol  WHERE ARE YOU!  You are the #1 Alliance based on trophies!?!?!  You behave like a bunch of pampered princes!!!   The minute things don’t go your way you quit and walk away!


WHERE ARE YOU VANGUARD!  DID YOUR LOSE YOUR SELF RESPECT!  Perhaps I can call a counselor for you and you can all go into group therapy! lmao!!!


I’d prefer to settle this on the battlefield.  You tried hard on Day #1 … too bad Alliance Wars have FIVE DAYS!!!  




Your friend





Considering that they’re able to prolong their boosts eternally with gold…

Good luck against SK next week d(^_^d)


It’s really interesting how each SK and its partner alliances member claims to love the challenge, the fight, and fair play but in the end chooses to hide under an umbrella of support that forces any rival to fight outnumbered.  


I don’t think that choosing not to fight full force, or not fight at all during a virtual war is something that determines self respect.


But if there is such a thing as self-respect in a game, then when a war seems that it’s not worth to fight any more  then the hardest (and more self-respected) decision is not to waste any more resources on something meaningless, even if that means your rivals can come at you and call you a  pampered prince!  


I know you mean good JR for saying this to wake us up, but in fact what needs to be done here is much more than mere mocking to bring up morale in VL. The wars need to be more balanced, less intensive, and less collaborative. Many important alliances have collapsed during those wars, something that in the end hurts every gamer.


I speak just for my self and not as a VL rep. I speak as a gamer who likes to see healthy challenge and competition in the game. Right now, it doesn’t feel like that to me. 

Seriously.  The game isn’t fun without a good rivalry going on.  You guys have friends too (i.e. Immortal Legend) and I saw several in your ranks.  I’m expecting another onslaught from you guys soon. :slight_smile:


In all fairness, when NATO lost in Alliance Season #1 to Todes,  I congratulated them on the forum as well.


I am not a leader, but for me the day that all top alliances evict the cancer that is wm2014 and all of his proxy accounts is the day that we can all sit and chat nicely, whilst that cheating parasite is housed by any alliance the game has no meaningful future.

seems a bit jaded drum you alliance has whole proxy alliances it seems lol normally i side with you personally but fighting venom with a worse toxin doesnt make anyone well…

It’s sad to see that this is the way the the game is played at the highest levels.

its rather bleak at times yes but there is fun to be had with players you enjoy

wonder why you’re still talking about wm cuz hes no more the problem imo , stripping and dumping trophies not a problem anymore 


care to explain what cancer hes bringing to the game ? and don’t get me wrong , I don’t really like him either but opinion here is that hes not a problem

James, you guys rock! :wink:


To Vanguard Legion: It was a hell of a run for players involved from both sides,I was thoroughly enjoyed it! I wish you guys all the best, and hoping you will come back strong next season! :slight_smile:


Best Regards


Probably you can find the fun again like season 1 if your alliance fight like season 1, I still have fun when every alliances fight with each other in other league. This is just a game, hope you can find a way to enjoy this game again.

sometimes its quite fun but im about here 80% only for my members as they are what makes this game fun to me :wink: