Recruitment post : DeathhunterWe need 2 loyal members for our fast-growing alliance.Requirements:Min trophies=2500Min Donation=75kWe provide 24*7 knights and barricades( only knights now, coz we are saving gold for the war).During war, we activate range bomber,storm canon, stunning ogre, power archers as necessary.

Hi everyone, 


Deathhunter, a level 28 alliance is looking for mid level players to join and grow with the alliance. Currently we offer permanent Blazing Knights and Tough Barricade boosts. During war season, boosts such as Power Archers, Range Bomber, Stunning Ogre, Storm Canon are activated as required. We plan to add Stunning Ogre as a permanent boost as soon as we get 2-3 members with required donations.We also have a Whatsapp group for better coordination during wars.


Our requirements:


  1. 2500+ trophies

  2. Minimum daily donation 150K

  3. Active participation in war 


Apply in game or reply to this post.