December Dev Q&A - submit your questions

A selected range of questions will be answered most likely at the beginning of January due to the holidays. ?

Will war blessings ever be more fair and better distributed among leagues in future?Will Chaos Gate and new war blessings always be in the hands of elite players?

I was about to resurrect this topic Pleaseee change the background musiccc pleaseeeeee, but I know Madlen is against necromancing…  :grinning:

Thus my question to the devs:

Could you add 2 or 3 more background music options for diversity?

For those who don’t know it, CaptainMorgan is also the Sound Designer/Musician/Composer for OR and RR2.

Can we get some teasers about some of the ways you plan to reduce the importance of the Hall of Gods and the Alliance Hall of Gods? Is it as simple as hiding them? Could the Alliance Hall ranking simply be removed from the Alliance Info page? I think this causes a lot of confusion.

Do developers have any plans to fix area damage bug on gatekeeper?

Gatekeeper with this bug are causing more damage than perseus with mirror Shield.

I want to know what developers are doing next for olympus Rising after introducing new levels.

What will be the feature of next update and when we can expect it?

Will the refining process be convenient? Because at the moment it is not. It would be enough to be able to forge once again a level, as for the unique objects, the refined object.

@Madlen do you have any plan for gate of chaos, i attached twice i player whit gate of chaos and che chasms killed 8 phoenix in 3 seconds. Is this the ultimate method to try to take our gems/money by flaregames? 

Edit. 4 Phoenix killed by only one chasm 

The next major update will feature a new God/Hero but the release date is still unknown. They’re also working on new Unique Items but they’re not sure if they will be included in the next update.

Answer from November Dev Q&A Answers:

We would very much like to add new Unique Items, but we cannot yet say for sure if this will make it into the next update. As for new Heroes, it is more likely we will first introduce a new God, but we cannot yet say when this will be.

Can we modify the Auto-Play a tiny bit? Can you split it in 2 parts as follows: Semi-Auto (where the heroes moves and attacks with normal attacks but YOU must use the spells) and Full-Auto (As it currently is).

With Semi-Auto,  you can time better the spells without needing to move your hero. Can you guys implement that? Cheers!

@MadlenWe still see duplicate unique items around. Can you please ask the devs to stop that random algorithm…? I received 3 Helen boots… :slightly_frowning_face:   Total waste of resources… 

and also when is new update coming? Will there be any new monsters?

In your responses to the November Q&A you addressed the issue of Perseus as a Gate Keeper/Statue and that some are very hard to kill (due in part to high Life on Hit).

I presume you recognise that it is also due to a good stat Mirror Shield (if possessed) as well as high attack speed. It’s the combination that does the job (incidentally partially nullified with a hero who has good stun which is why Artermis remains such a good statue neutraliser).

I understand the need to address this but please don’t nerf Perseus too much in doing so? Perhaps a cap on Life on Hit (but still moderately generous)?

With due respect Flare has a history of nerfing good heroes in over reaction to concerns - and It’s really annoying to players who have invested a lot in building their hero up.

We all respect and appreciate modest adjustment to maintain some sort of game balance but I would ask you to tread carefully at first - if changes are not enough you can make more later but it is really upsetting when you overdo it (and that has happened a lot in the past)

Only Gatekeeper should be nerfed by checking thier stats not Perseus.

I agree with @MarcusozInception’s above post.

Please don’t nerf Perseus as a hero but nerf the Gatekeeper by fixing area damage bug and something should be done about Damage deflection it kills troops and large armies in one or two seconds and leave hero to deal with Gatekeeper alone without any support and gate too.

This can’t be the game design that developers are aiming for where gatekeeper are more powerful than the whole defense layout? 

At the risk of being more pedantic than I already am, fixing the area damage/reflection bug or changing how damage reflection works in general would be a nerf for attacking heroes as well as GKs. Both are very effective on offense as well as defense. If you haven’t tried it, you should.

And I think the area damage/reflection bug should be fixed! But it will have ramifications.

if we do not want nerf for Perseus we just ignore topic like this?

I said in another thread recently and I will ask the devs here, and I’m not talking about Perseus, just the GK in general.  Are their plans to lower the cap for damage reflection?  63 % is way too high, and clearly the more you attack these GK’s the more you damage yourself by definition, and given the GK’s always have more health it’s a battle that lost by most heroes before its even begun.  

How many players have found mirror shield so far?

How much do sirens heal or cyclopses shield? Does it increase with unit level, player level, or not at all?

Also, the question from september about how much damage Orthia towers and Hydras do is still open. Does the listed damage include the damage from their blessings, or is that seperate and hidden?

@Madlen what happen to an alliance if they are eliminated completely out of War in a War Season???

War is over for them early.