December Dev Q&A - submit your questions

Maybe a simple one, but kind of important when to open chests:


When you’re ascension level 99 when acquiring a chest, but level 100 when opening it,

Which level are the hero items inside? 99 or 100 ?




Is it just a graphic glitch or upgrading Bia to level 20 … at the cost of 9.5 millions and 175k books gives … no improvements whatsoever !?

There are a couple of other threads about this, but it’s not a graphic glitch. It doesn’t do anything. The final level of bia increases duration for 1 second, though. 

that it shouldn’t be paying for it .   maybe leave just the timer 


We are a new aliance SLOVAK WARRIORS, and was happy , wait a war. But we get a messages, sorry, we can´t enjoy the war, because we found not so many aliance , or some messages like this- (I don´t remember strict contents of messages)

I hope we get some compensation !!!


Dear Devs, you have done a great job with this forge system. 

Again…Thank you for reducing those costs.

A big help now I think it would be to make titan chests to contain Only titan items… doing so you will allow us to continue refining while we level up, and we will never run out of resources. We can continue experimenting with different combinations in those refinements.

Most of us have pointed smth out… “allow us to make a better use of silver and Gold items”. 

I also will bring this last question one more time…

Is it possible to match old cursed items through refining to same values as new cursed items? In one of those updates you mentioned that you implemented smth like this but yet those old items continue to be weaker than new ones…

Thank u in advance and happy holidays.

In this interesting post, I agree with Prometheus pointing out Mani as one of the most valuable and best managed accounts in the game:

Other accounts to consider are probably Stava2 and M4RK QUEIJO.

Since you (devs) have all the stats and data that we (players) don’t see, which accounts do you consider to be the most valuable and best managed ones?

The duration for level 17 is 11 seconds. It doesn’t change until level 21.

bia gains 1 second of duration every 4 levels. If you follow the pattern, it should gain a 5% move speed increase at level 20, but it doesn’t. 

According to the (incomplete) wikia, the duration increase pattern is obvious, but the rest is not evident:

Sure it is. Damage reduction, atack speed, move speed, duration, repeat. It works all the way up to level 20, which does nothing. 

Any plans to increase the “required level” for a member to apply for an alliance?

Its currently stuck at 100, and it has been so for years. And for that matter, I don’t think that there should be any restriction for an alliance, if I want 143 or 149, it should be my choice to do so. I understand that it makes it harder to add 150 “levels”, so maybe the last 10 are 1 by 1.


Question … I have refined the unique as above (see the two previous images) … then, if I try to forge it (it hasn’t been forged since quite some levels) I almost halve the values.
How comes ? Thought forging was supposed to bring it at our current level, so it should at worse keep it at same values, not halving them.

And btw, as a side note, would you please renew the forum website certificate ? It’s getting annoying with all the errors and warnings.



I did a similar refining with the apple a long time ago. Result: I ***** an apple. As soon as you climb up a few levels you do not need anything anymore.

Fortunately, I was three ?

Happy new year


Ho fatto tempo fa una simile raffinazione con la mela. Risultato: mi sono fottuto una mela.

Appena sali di qualche livello non ti serve più a nulla. Fortunatamente ne avevo tre ?
Buon annooooo

Mine was a programmed forging–so it’s connected to the masteries–now I’m waiting for the other level of ascension and let’s see what happens–if it comes back up or as a suspect it won’t change


buon anno nuovo anche a te …… :slight_smile:


in the first screen you forgged with a fully refined item so you also get some boosts due to this. if you now try to forge with an item of less power, you cant expect to get the same boosts (in my opinion) - the normal values just gets distributed to the 4 existing perks.
so to keep up the higher values, keep on forging with fully refined items (of equal perks if you want to keep them).
for me it looks fine (otherwise you would get a lot of overpowered items), but if this is really so, only the devs can tell.

the other thing with the website certificate: i sent an report a few days ago, but they are on hollydays…


edit: it is funny that your values have been increased from 3 to 4 perks… i just see a reduction when i try uniques to refine… maybe because you already used a silver item before. interesting, thx.


edit2: just to compare (lvl 135) two screen shots of an apple if i would forge normal and once with an fully refined item (which was not made for this purpose, so i wont do this…). this apple was also not forged for some lvls now (i think the last time at lvl 130 or 131)

Is it written somewhere or just a guess or … ? I mean, that to keep an unique with 3/4 perks at your level you have to burn a titan with 4 perks or you end up losing values ?