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I think it’s very bizzare that perk values get REDUCED when you try to use a bronze item. That seems like unintended behavior. I could see it only improve the base perks, and that you need gold or silver items to improve refined perks. But to weaken the item makes no sense.

But yes, currently, if you want to improve a gold-refined unique item, you need to use another gold 5* titan.

Can you show me ?  please D.


How to make a gold item?

screen shots of forging a 4 perks unique with a gold titan and normal titan 

I’ve never done it.

how can you be sure ?

That’s how it works. 

Madlen dear, can you fit this in the dev questions as well ?
Basically, is it correct to say that to improve further an unique with 4 perks (even just to keep it at par with our raising levels) we must use a gold titan (5 stars titan with 4 perks as well) and that if we use instead a normal 5 stars titan the values decrease by design ?

Ps : It requires such an efford to forge and rifine that makes those infos very usefull :slight_smile:

Thanks, ciao ciao Artemus :heart:


hey Dheth - it is just my opinion / or what i observe from the values on these items and i am ok with this rules…
if you start (have started) forging 5* titan gold items (with 4 abilities) they will not be very powerful when reaching the actual player end level of 150, so the only good thing to do with them is to use them for forge/refine uniques since they changed this process in such a way that for uniques only the forging cycles count, not the values of the items. so plan your perks “wisely”, because the system works like this. and i assume they want it to work like this. do not hunt for refined items, you will have some in a few month/year when you need them. my strategy is to forge/refine now (lvl131-lvl140) items that can be used for uniques when i reach lvl150 and maybe start refining items for normal use when i reach lvl140. 

that is what i do, because they are so expensive and i also cannot invest more than some hours a day and i dont want to invest tons of gems. i think this is intended because the game is designed for years of play and joy. but i could also be wrong.



they say the values wont get down when using a weak gold item… but they do now specify what happens when using a bronce item on a 4 perk unique…


Exactly. Chris answer’s Arte’s wuestion there. Once you make a unique item gold or silver through the refining process, it requires gold and silver items to further upgrade. Bronze items are not good enough any more. 

I still don’t think it should actually reduce stats when you try to forge with a bronze item. It should do nothing. 

but one does not have to forge with such an item. save ressources.

Q: when a player levels up (e.g. lvl135->lvl136), we see a reduction on the %-values of resistances or strength and so on. i always hear complaints that heros getting weaker when leveling up. but in my opinion the reduction of the % values is because the BASE-values (which are a part of the % calculation) got up, while the actual values of the items remain the same… 

Do heros get weaker or not? (i think they remain as powerful as before level up, but of course they have not reached their full potential without forging better items)


Ah thanks NaN, that was Chris’ answer I couldn’t remember :slight_smile:

But as Dumpster said, I think too that a bronze should do nothing and not decrease. A wrong click and you might destroy the work of months … especially when being used on handy’s small screens such things are always dangerous

The numeric value remains the same … say you have a total of 200.000 points of something at level 130 (made up numbers here), the game uses a multiplier to convert it to % and it becomes, say, 50% resistance to something. When you gain a level, the multiplier changes, so the 200.000 remains the same but it gets converted to a lower %, so it becomes, say, 45% resistance.


agree - as a machanism of protection when miss clicking.

yes. but lets say the multiplier comes from an internal base-value… if we stick to your numerical excample it is 400.000 base resistance  (bc. 50% = 200.000/400.000*100). when leveling this base value changes - it increases due to higher level… in your excample it becomes 445.000 and therefore 200.000/445.000*100=44,94% or rounded 45%. 
but when the resistance is calculated in game (they need absolute values, i assume), you still get the same protection. so the question is: how is the resistance (or damage…) calculated when playing… you cant compare just % …


edit: sure… not exact the same. because after calculating the resulting damage from all sources this number reduces the health of the hero… but the base health of heros also increase. isnt it? so unless there is not any huge gap between offence / defence items one should be ok, right?

I believe in-game it exactly just use the %. And yes, as you grow up in level but keep the same equipment, the in-game values decrease, making in effect your equipment weaker and weaker (not the hero itself ofc, say, naked hero). So the only % that don’t decrease leveling up are the innate heroes bonuses which are usually expressed in %.



but how (just gave also en edit above… i hope we are not taking over this thread now…)?  i mean, in game the different damage sources have to be reduced by the different protections and the overall result reduces the health of the hero. if protection get a bit lower, but health a bit higher (or also life on hit), it should be kind of equal… but i am also interested in an answer of madlen how this really works, or if heros getting weaker when leveling.

What counts are the percentages, not the absolute value, to realize this is enough to see the time of recovery of powers when you climb lvl and percentages descend… you will see increasing the time for the recovery power, also you can see the Value of the “damage” of the heroes that decreases when you climb lvl