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Does hero deals area damage to a statue(Gatekeeper) also,just like it can deal additional damage to units?

Why " Bia " Doesn’t increase attack speed of Phoenix ?

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There is a message displayed stating “this island is under protection from the Gods right now, try again later”. I believe I know why this message appears, but can you elaborate why this occurs and what the time constraints are? A teammate recently posted the screenshots and the person she was trying to fight was protected for an extended amount of time.

it happens sometimes, always had. in a few minutes maybe just seconds it should be possible. but if it is for an extended time its strange. thx.
edit: is it on the war map or the normal one? (it can happen on both)

It was over 10 minutes in duration on a base during war. Not the first time this happened. I believe it is because they’re adjusting layout or waves, so it protects them during construction… however, over 10 minutes of protection during war is very excessive in my opinion. I suspect this is a problem with layout adjustment, but I’ll wait for CM to confirm.

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It happens if you are disconnected and the game restarts after you initiate a fight but before the fight actually loads. That’s when the game contacts the server. For whatever reason that player is frozen out for 10 or 15 minutes. This can happen on the regular map as well. The only other time you would get that message is if a player leaves their alliance during war. They still appear on active strikes but you can’t attack them.

That actually makes a lot of sense. I wonder if that can even be fixed :thinking:

Guys…after the new update Ajax’s fourth in line power( spear dash ) is not dealing any damage in my game!!! please look into it and verify the same.


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the hero rotation should be between 1h and 24h.
Q: is this a purely „random“ value or is it also influenced by additional factors like e.g. trophs or acc level?

Q: if the reduced time by use of CD gets below the duration time, do the power effects stack?

It depends on the spell

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Q: has the health of a tower influence on it attacking speed?
or better: can you bring some clarity of how attack speed is calculated for towers as it is not clear from the fanwiki and some players have gotten such an information as far as i know.

Q: The shield cast (Cyclop’s rage, Achilles and Prom’s powers) provides a protection before the health of the units/towers is reduced upon attacks. Does the shield, once casted, be reduced according to the unit’s resistances/weaknesses or it just is numbers vs. numbers, i.e. 50K shield will be reduced to 20K if the tower fires a 30K damage shot, regardless of the element?

Of course you can cast the shield to a Phoenix and see how it goes against an Iapetos tower, but having an official answer is nice :grin:.

Why after the update my phone became very hot and load the processor almost 100%.The smartphone is a new model mi 9t pro in other games there are no such problems

Since i level up to level 128 (about 36 hours ago), i am taking in average about 10 attacks / hour (up to 7 attacks in 20 min…). I lost about 500 trophies in 36 hours due to the level up. After each level up, the matchmaking system need to rebalance to the new ascension level, but this is hurting too much today.
Q: Can you consider reducing the duration of matchmaking rebalancing system after a level up?

i think i had you 2 times on my map yesterday (idk if your log is ok to see, mine is not)

maybe it is the following: you play and forge unbalanced for your level. i assume you dont have troubles to beat most lvl150 oponents and you GK is also ok for your level. so you dont loose when farming.

but on the other hand for most of higher level players your lvl128 defense is not a problem. maybe try to raise up your lvl and not try to hold it low (if you are doing that)

just a thought - we all know matchmaking is not good atm.

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I am affraid that my log is not ok either… i think that for all players, we see in log only some of attacks but not all of them. As you used to get attacked by few players, you do not see a single attacks, while i am seeing lot of attacks (and i am affraid that they fixe the log issue and i will get not 200 attacks per day but 500 ^^ ?)

I used to freeze level at 124 (i was willing to dodge pool of level 150). By that time, during 3 months I had in average 1 raid per day (with massively positive trophy output in defense).
Today, I am no more freezing and the number of attacks is increasing from bad to worth since level 125
It seems that with current matchmaking, at 125 your start to join pool of every players in game.
Someone in my alliance told me that when you level up, the matchmaking system needs time to get used to your new level for matchmaking… It might be true (i think that when i received very high number of attacks, it was after a level up).
But this duration of matchmaking rebalancing is too long imo. So i hope they will reduce that time, or limit amount of attacks you can take per day (or just improve that ugly matchmaking system).

FYI: I was close to 27850 trophies yesterday morning. Now i am 27373 and i have done about 100 raids (+300 to +400 trophies).
Last 20 attacks in 3hours 7 minutes is:
0/-3/-15/-3/-3/-15/-3/-3/-3/-3/-15/-15/-3/-4/-3/-3/-3/-3/0/0 = -100 (in those 20 attacks i have vyk/archimides/philstar for example, the 0 are due to 90%). Lowest level is 144 ^^
You attacked me twice yesterday (only had time to see you once in my log), but i think i never found you on my map :cry:

I think that you suddenly felt into the pool of very active players. If you have Arch, Vyk, Phil, Nan, Neo and me (I have you on my map everyday), along with others that you can’t see because of the log bug, then …

All I can tell you is be patient for the 30K when you get max Pheme level. After that, who cares for trophies!

I think that NaN hit the nail on the head there. The matchmaking is mostly about trophies, then level. Say, of you freeze your level and go up high in trophies, you don’t see any major difference (since you stay more or less in the same pool). But as soon as you go up in level, you enter a different pool and your current (new) trophies will be taken into account, and this is when you fall into a “undesirable” pool :sweat_smile: