December/January Questions

Do the devs believe players that have around 1k trophies have been losing purposely or do they acknowledge that many players appear more frequently than other to the extent they get hit for hundreds of trophies per day? There are many high lvl players like this, all food for top 100.

Why is war break too long? 9 days every 2 wars… it should be 4 days for 1 odyssey adventure then come back to war instead of 9 days (2 odyssey adventure) … this game is only fun with war, we don’t need free time


Can the team please explain their long-term and short-term plans for the game? Is OR on the metaphorical chopping block?

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Hello, Can you enter the cancel button, I recently lost 10 million gold and a 5 * titanium item by mistake, I wanted to exchange a unique item for a sentence to get a new unique item, I was wrong and I couldn’t undo the operation, now I’m tuning and I don’t need it, so how do I pick up again I lose 10 million gold and eight years of titanium with 5 * It’s a total of 20 million gold and 2 titanium objects with 5 * if you enter the cancel button it will be coool