December Q&A - Please submit your questions here

A selected range of questions will be answered most likely at the beginning of January due to the holidays. ?

The search system needs to be improved to find more IDs and alliances.  The current system only allow to find the query-related characters without space, underline, etc.

Yalla habibi why nemesis so expensive but so useless?  Level 9 nemesis and level 130 king

Hello dear Macamus: Now’s your chance :grinning:


Please you see! I do this!

Any plans for:

  1. New quests

  2. New dungeons 

  3. New Alliance Tower level

  4. more Blacksmith slots

  5. chat improvements (this needs major work) 

This would actually be interesting, but, instead of giving more donations, how about just more donations in a day. For instance, once maxed you have 1500k donations, but if you upgrade to the next level you could donate twice a day or something

So once again. Any chances of any game performance updates? Since conquest boost many users expiriences game lags.


Do you plan to implement conquest conditions?

Is it possible to have daily quests in game ?

the increasing perk on the healing ring was intended or was it a bug that you let it live because a lot of player took the advantage…?

Is there any plan to provide other gears with this ‘Increasing perk value’ ability ?

Any plan to set up a daily base challenge…? to just win some token (or something like that) that you can exchange to get pearls/pal food/gems/gold…?

Please release guardians 

Increasing perk? What are you talking about? 

healing ring perk increases by 0.01-0.20 from 40% to more than 100% and after that it decreases…

That happens with most (all?) auras, life drain and maybe some other perks too. 

Nope it s the only one that increase so much…even if at the end, the value was not well calculated cause it was dispalyed to have more than 3K healing power but it s only 700 life points per second but it s helping so no problem

The fire, ice and other special perks on ring always decrease

I dont really know about life drain, I think I already melt it if i ever got it ?


Lots of perks are incremental. I would even say that most perks are that way.

This “incremental value” happens with: Leadership, Life, Healing aura, Elemental Aura (like the frost ring available in this festival), Sonicblast aura, Life Drain, Spell perk, Elemental damage (like fire damage), Elemental Shield, Troop resistance, Troop attack.

Perks that don’t have an incremental value: Farmer, Scream, Speed, Start Morale, Luck, XP, Gold, Skull bonus, Fear Aura, Attack Speed (on gloves).

Those are the ones that I could confirm.

There are a few more perks but I couldn’t confirm (like pal damage, troop speed during scream, the new gloves+weapon pro perks, kickback aura ring).

Are you working on a new game Royal Revolt 3 or are there no plans?

Can you provide more info about Askas ??? Attack values? Maybe you can decrypt damage values by damage type, at the moment this pal stats can not be compared to other pals.

Is it planned to find pro pals in pro chests, or special pro pal chests? Current they can only be bought in the pro shop …


i want to ask if we as windows phone users can get the complete version of the game with the animated troops display and the offers to get free gems etc i mean the only platform that lacks some features 

Since Microsoft announced end of Windows phone, (UWP they support) and their newer .Net standard libraries no longer support it, I guess it’s no longer guaranteed that Windows phone will be upgraded for rr2. If I remember well, a few months ago Madlen answered also that Windows phone won’t be supported. 

As soon as a single library of the new .net standard is used, they for sure don’t support it any longer. My office also runs to this dilemma. We use Xamarin for supporting multi platform app, but we now run into that same issue. Some third party tools need the new libraries and since we have customers with phone, we decided for now don’t use those third party libraries.

well i don’t think they can end windows phone 10 support ! only if they introduce a new version or a new system ! they ended support for windows 8 and 8.1