Declare war to the alliance you want

Hello! The suggestion is simple, but it would add very, very fun to players.

The main idea is only make it an entertainment challenge. No need rewards, perhaps only an amount of gold or anything else.

The períod of this war should be shorter, perhaps 24 hours. An alliance should declare war to another and the challenged alliance should have 12 hours to decide if accept or not. Once accepted, the war is declared and it begins 12 hours after.

What do you guys think? It would start a flame challenge in royal!

I also want this

sometimes my members attacked constantly by another alliance, if it could be held, at least, can resolve disputes between alliance

please flare, add this option in next update


thanks :slight_smile:

its very good idea but wars sessons too good but if do any good mix this both ideas it can be WOW xd

i agree this would be fun…

flare should put this in the next update

It would be a cool way for the top Alliances to beat on their rivals even if they aren’t getting paired against them.