Decoration Bug

its not very serious like bug but I find it weird and this should not happen. When we build decoration some are build in defense layout. So on the moment you think they fit there. When finish you realise they are in red and cannot be build there.

i have test to move it to see what happen and notice we cannot build some decoration in defense layout. So why the game build them there in first place? Weird. The game should not do mistake themselve its just weird. this mistake should have not happen

On 2 decoration. 1 was well placed in my Mount of olympus with others and this one no clue why was build there. Forced me to move it


It is not a bug. It’s intentional. I’m sure you’ve seen this game tip once in a while:

You can place Statues, Columns and Obelisks in your defense layout, but you cannot with Hedges, Flowerbeds, Trees, Fountains and Boulevards.

One funny post from CaptainMorgan:

He wanted to “impress” attackers. So I guess decorations that you can build in your defense layout are more “terrifying” than the ones you cannot.

I think that’s his point. Something like “you can’t put a barricade in the Acropolis”. So those non-defence allowed decorations, should not be allowed to be placed.

Personally I don’t mind, lets prioritize other bugs, but yeah it could be better.

@Tomaxo You don’t have understand this topic and the bug I talking about. Please take time to read my post. Each time you interpret wrong my post. Let’s me explain to you. I know some decoration can be build in defense like Column,Obelisk and others. You learn me nothing on this. I play this game since 3 years. I have mentioned in my post.

What i talk about here is when you build decoration the game build them in the wrong place. Here I talk about the one who cannot be placed in defense like Hedge,tree,boulevard,etc…If you have take time to look carefully (something obviously you didn’t have do) you will have notice I show in my first post a Hedge and if you have take time to look too on the left I have Obelisk and others well placed so… you should have understand

Here a another screenshot of the bug that happen again few minutes ago  :

the game again have build a boulevard in my defense. This time is worst. Placed it in middle of my layout.Forced me to move it in my Mount of Olympus

When completed that give this result :

PS : Thank you @Archimides to have understand



When you build a Hedge, Flowerbed, Tree, Fountain or Boulevard in your defense, you get a yellowish exclamation mark right away. Why do you think they fit there while the exclamation symbol already gave you a warning?

The system lets you build Hedges, Flowerbeds, Trees, Fountains and Boulevards in the defense BUT you have to move them back in the Acropolis.

It doesn’t take 3 years to master the decorations. It takes few days/weeks at most.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesus you don’t understand. I speak in English and not in Spanish or else. i know all of this you don’t learn me anything. Stop to show me something that have nothing to do with this. What you don’t understand? 

you think its me who chose to build them there? Its the game who decide to build them there. When you click on decoration and choose to build boulevard or else the game decide to build them in your defense layout by mistake. Its only after I must move them and place them correctly in the right place in my Acropolis

PS : Don’t reply if you cannot follow or don’t know of what I talking about. Thank you. Avoid to reply if you don’t understand

For you information this bug is already know by the developer just the priority is not really high. Read old topic about this if you don’t understand. Many player have got this problem in the past. Just I wanted to show them again that this problem still in the game

After many attempts, I’m still not able to reproduce that bug. The system always builds the decorations in the correct location.

Can you please show me some old topics about that? I can’t find them.

Edit: Maybe it depends on the cursor/pointer location? If the cursor is selected in the Acropolis, no issue ofc, but if the cursor is in the defense, you should get a WARNING still before building one of the non-defense decorations (Hedge, Flowerbed, Tree, Fountain, Boulevard).

I think you made 2 mistakes:

-You click on your defense before clicking on decoration. To avoid that, always click in the Acropolis before clicking on decoration.

-You click Build despite getting the warning.

No.No.No and all No. You have all wrong again. Continue to try. Maybe will understand eventually. Its not important after all. This bug is just minor I guess. Probably developer have prefered to keep it in the game. Nevermind. Phoenix bug and others are more urgent than this one anyway.

Probably its just because I have unlock them all and never build them much and suddenly decide to build them. Some are well placed and other occur this bug and place them in wrong place. Maybe someone who place them after each Heroes temple don’t get this or have less chance to obtain this bug. I have like 50/90 boulevard to build. So no surprise if half of them appear wrong

I have stop try to understand where the bug come from and why that happen.

PS : I wait my list of upgrades be empty and I will do a video to show how that happen. I have 40 to build again so I know that will happen again

If you click a tile in the Acropolis before clicking on decoration, you will never get that bug problem.

if its the main reason i find it awful. I have always never click nether in defense or Acropolis. When I enter the game I click nowhere. the view is in the air. Not in my defense and not in my Acropolis. Weird if really you need now to click on Acropolis to be sure since version 4.2.0. I have build 3 account since 2016 and never have got this problem before. found strange suddenly you need to click on a tile in Acropolis. Well I will try and see what happen

when you first enter the base, you’re view is 100%, absolutely on your defense. It’s not on the acropolis, it’s not nowhere.

Still I proceed always this way. Overview in the air. finish my upgrades. Go in the left. Click on Market overview. Go in Decoration and build decoration. over 3 years. I have proceed this way and never got this problem. Over 200 decorations build without this problem. So I think its related to version 4.2.0. Not my way to build them

I agree. You may call that a bad design, but not a bug.

I agree not really a bug maybe the good term a problem. I should have call my title Decoration Problem more