Decorations in defence?

Just wondering if decorations will be visible to apponents when attacking my islands. My Alliance friends connot see decorations I’ve put beside my path leading up to the bridge and I am unable to see theirs when I  test their defenses.

Hello Darrown,

I had a quick look at it.

Even though I can see the decorations I put in my defense, I cannot see them if I test my defenses with another account.

I will check on Monday if it is intended or not :grinning:

Thanks for the report!

Any thoughts yet?  I think everyone is waiting for answers on this front

here is my phat i see the columns that i droped naer the bridge


Yes if you test your own defense you can see the decorations.

However if an alliance mate tests them, this person will not see them. 

The intended behaviour is that others should be able to see your decorations. 

We are currently looking into it. 

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile: