Decrease costs

Hello everyone and Devs @CaptainMorgan

I want to suggest decrease the costs from odyssey(8,9,10) because for many players the problem is that it is very expensive. Only higher lvls can play these difficulties  because they dont have to spend gold on other upgrades such as buildings, towers and barricades.  That suggestion is fair ,the small lvls for example 100-120 cant play 10skull !! At these levels you will find only three people playing these skeletons because others do not play ten hours a day or they do not want to spend gold.

i am sure the majority do a 7 skulls adventures. You can do a poll if you want. I am curious to see what difficulty Ascension 100+ do each time

This is another one of those things that most people dislike, but I think works pretty well. If you’re still actively upgrading towers and buildings, you’re going to get a lot more utility out of bringing them to max level than you are by doing 10 skull odysseys. Those extra .2 or .3 percentage points are really insignificant.

But once you have maxed out just about everything, and there’s nothing else to spend your money on, the high cost of the adventures gives you something to do. It paces the odyssey over the whole week a little at a time instead of just blowing through it all at once. If I were to do all 7 skull islands I could literally do it in one night. Doing 8s, 9s, and 10s it takes all week to collect the resources.

I think the system is perfect, basically.

Agreed,I suggested the same thing to @CaptainMorgan and forging good items for all 12 heroes after every Ascension level gain And the cost of odyssey are too much pain in the back.

Now day from almost three months I am only doing 8 skull odysseys because nine skull eats to much of my gold and knowledge.ToT

Warriornator ,8,9 skull Odysseys are not hard as long as your heroes are equipped with good items and one has the access to divine blessings.I can do nine skull with ease but I can’t afford it at my level.As I need gold and wisdom for upgrades and lots gold for forging.

In fact half of the time I doing 8 skull in auto-play as doing 25 Odyssey battles again is too much pain , boring and dull especially when your heroes are at level 20.

@CaptainMorgan can consider in reducing the number of islands per odysseys journey.Like four from five islands while maintaining the same cost and fame points awarded on completion of a odysseys quest.

Two months ago when you finally disbanded one war format it was huge relief for me and for many veteran players like @dumpster , @Hellslord , @Neptune and @Infamouswelcomed that move as finally we were getting some free time from the game.You know this thing how monotonous game becomes when heroes are at max level,fighting same defense layouts( I am also talking about Odysseys Islands they too share same defense layout and even troops setup) is to much.I want to spend less time playing this game but I can’t skip an odyssey too.

So I think it will be best if you consider about reducing the cost of 7,8,9 and skulls odysseys quest so that everyone can do them except few elite players at the top.

Or keep same the same cost but reduce the number of islands per odyssey journey(best solution as it will decrease the overall cost of odysseys journeys and at the same time Veteran players don’t have to spend time too much time on it)

Or one more thing can be done Increase the amount of gold that one can earn from 8,9 and 10 skulls.


Another positive side-effect (in a game design/balance sense) of expensive 9 and 10 skull adventures is that they put a little bit of a governor on forging at the highest levels. So while you may not like the cost, think about how much easier it would be for people to overpower your defense if they had tons more gold to spend on forges.

As someone who does high skull odysseys and forges a lot, you run out of gold mid week. You have to choose one or the other. That’s not a bad thing! It slows everything down. Players chew through content faster than the devs can release updates, and if it moved even faster that problem would be amplified.

I think one minor tweak could be to award sea chests as you earn them, just like war spoils chests are earned. Sea chests contain tons of resources, which is nice at the end of the odyssey to refill the piggy bank, but it might be less frustrating overall if you could get a jumpstart on your next adventure using the resources you earned in the last.

I agree that the oddessy costs for 8,9,10 are disproportionately expensive, but take Dumpsters point about high lvl players and the forging side, but that said I would lower the cost of the difficulty 8 as diff  7 is 3 million, then it jumps to 8 million… im not far over ascension lvl 100 and will not have the res for oddessy 8, 9 or 10 for a long time, and #i dont do much forging.

Thanks for bringing this up Couper. It actually costs a lot, unless they reduce the forging costs (as we are non-stop forging :slightly_frowning_face:  ), then we can afford high skulls.

Hey dub, if u finish u can go doing but the game have 1000 players for example and 100 can play ten skull, u can grow up your defense from odyssey and many lower lvl players (5-6hours play in one day) they cant doing that bcoz they have forg +buildings +towers +barricades &spells !!

  • only highers can doing this and if we have new ascession lvls never but never the lower lvls can play ten skull

If they came out with new content and upgrades more often I would agree with you, but they don’t, so I think the system works pretty well. 

I’m one of those 3 players who play 10 skulls hahaha. I have played all the odysseys on 10 skulls except for the first week and I have learned how to manage my resources. Usually it takes me only 2 days to finish the 5 adventures with 10 skulls. I went up from level 115 to 130 and I never complained. Every time I read that someone complains about how expensive it is to play 10 skulls, I can not help but laugh. If someone should complain about something i must be me because I do not mind spending 75 million gold and more than 250 thousand books, it is really a mockery the rewards that are obtained and the little advantage gained compared to 8 and 9 skulls. All the nerf to the difficult of the levels of odisseys was on 1-9 skulls levels, same situation for the resourses. 

Hello ,how much hours u play every day?

I think one thing that is weird and unique about the Ithacan Harbor is that after you can build the first level, the rest of the levels aren’t level locked (or temple-locked) like every other structure in the game, so it’s possible for a lower level player to max out their harbor without having the resources to play Adventures at the highest levels. You really NEED to have all your resource buildings maxed out, and be high enough level that your heroes don’t constantly get knocked back to olympus, in order to be able to play 9 and 10 skulls. But when you get up to level 125+, you kinda have the resources.

Would it be better if the top level of the Harbor was  actually  level-locked instead of just  practically  level-locked? Like if you needed to be level 120 to even build that upgrade and do 10 skulls?

It’s random, it depends if I have a lot of work or if I’m not tired, 5-25 battles per day, most in automatic mode.


I know in the trophy system complaint threads, the biggest complaint is that the players who play the most and grind the most get the shaft while lazy players get trophies. This is the reward for the hard working players. You get resources and you can do more stuff every week (building things, forging, higher level odyssey). Lazy players don’t have the resources.

Dubster to you believe i am lazy? I cant play 10skull bcoz i have upgrades and forg and i play top ten !And i am very active player! I think the 10skull need decrease -3m maybe 5m for me is the best idea, 15 m is a lot for many players !!

I’m not talking about that at all. I’m talking about how people complain that high level players with low trophies are able to easily (?) get 15 trophies from low level player who play a lot. And the low level players feel cheated out of trophies. But their reward for being active and grinding is that they gather more resources and they’re able to do more things per week than the “lazy” players (their word, not mine). 

15m is a lot, but it’s supposed to be a lot. You’re not supposed to be able to do 5 10 skull odysseys when you’re level 115 unless you choose not to to other things like forging and building towers. Even if you have nothing else to build, getting enough resources to do 5 10 skulls is a big effort. It’s supposed to be a big effort. 

I personally think that it’s good that there are challenges in this game for all levels of players, and 10 skull odysseys are the last real challenge for players who have nothing else to do.

I agree with that, challenge is good idea , i spend every day 40m i have only farm forg and upgrades, and i boring too:D i need new contect…