Decrease Skull Tower's Accuracy

Ever seen that stupid stream of skulls going arching down to your king and just reflecting straight back?  It looks cheesy and silly and honestly, it’s just too easy to deflect.  The skulls towers should have a random element to their targeting making the skulls land basically where they were shot, but forcing the king to run around and kick them back.  Not just stand at the blockade he’s hacking on and let them bounce off him!  Interestingly enough by decreasing the skull tower’s accuracy it will make it more difficult to destroy.

While I’m on the topic, the King ought to be able to kick mortars back. 

Agreed re: Mortars

How about king can block or evade attack?


And king can jump across path :stuck_out_tongue:

Agree with the mortar idea

Reading the posts of Maerique, I could notice the probably he faces difficult to play the game, cuz he’s always suggesting easier ways to attack and OP ways to defend. It’s quite funny, I can say.