Decrease the price to open chests in Chamber of Fortune! (at least during wars)

You made those chests too important to be so expensive!!

It’s the players who make their thought of viewing the chest so important(war).thats why I nv join top alliance.its kinda pressure to play not enjoy to play,just my 2cents

Isn’t it only like 15 gems?


it might depend on your LV


Im 94 so it cant be that much more for the big guys…


I hit that damn reroll every day almost by mistake trying to exit the screen. lolz


i piss 15 gems :stuck_out_tongue:


Skulls in Chamber should have never been added in my opinion, or Skull perks, or any other form of gaining them by paying instead of having ability to make a high score. But with the current situation of the game they are very important for the team.

And there’s almost 1k skulls in Chamber chests on every war (for player beating top opponents), can’t just ignore that.

What bugs me is not that there are skulls in the COF or tat a chest costs gems to open it, but rather the fact that COF odds are not what has been advertised by Flare (75% chance on first chest).

During war I often get two or three empty chests which is brutal. If that bug was fixed we would rarely (25% of the time) need to use gems.

yes u r right,it’s important for top alliance cause nothing much is important in their eyes just war.its rule of the game.flare is smart.the way of cof now flare added in blacksmith.eiher u stay low,or the price to pay for staying high

Don’t decrease the price … just get rid of the skulls in the cof! You put them in there because very few people opened the chests with gems before they were there, work out why (gem cost, rewards not good enough, etc) fix the chest mechanic rather than pushing people to use the feature this way, and by doing so alienating your p(l)aying customers. 

Lol , where’s the “give this man a medal” button?

Yeah skulls in chests is stupid… and the chance of opening them is obvious lower… greedy crap