Decreasing Upgrade...

WTF is that for an update???

All we could use to beat bigger than us has been decreased, but you increase nemesis…for 0,1% of all players, maybe???

You are gonna kill the game, the more we go, more it’s a pay-to-win… all i spent in this Fucking game you took it back!

Ok you can change some future upgrades or features, but not those we already Grabbed, won or paid!!!

just because of some big pussies-players crying because they got beaten by little players

SHAME on you FG!!!

Yep I’m about to give up a years worth of progress because this upgrade is crap. Everything I’ve read is bad, bad, bad.

Oh and I can’t even open the game yet it’s been 4 days now with no response from anyone.

Anyone know of a new game to download?

Search the top leaderboards on Google Play.

Yes there is something that I also not liked. The production of new buildings is decreased. So, that people may take more time to fill the stores and may wait for it and probably stay in the game for more time. Yesterday my level 5 building have a total capacity of about 2500 but now it is only about 600. What the hell it is.

Many things are not well. Soldiers must have permission just to look inside the buildings controlled by generals. They must know what is happening in the alliance. But here we don’t find anything like that. This update is for generals and leaders making it less valuable for soldiers.

PUBG or Fortnite, one of the two hottest games right now. Both fun games (Fortnite is funner imo)