Def. path to gate

Is there a way to change the Path once you place it down?  If there is I haven’t figured it out yet. 

Hello Goonie,

In order to increase the length of your path, you first need to upgrade your Gate of Apollo.

To edit your path after upgrading the gate, follow these steps:

Check if you have enough free path length available for the changes you wish to carry out.

New paths must start and end on an existing piece of path and can lead across grass, trees, and stones, but not across ruins. You can remove ancient ruins by investing Gems. 

Tap and hold on an existing piece of path, then move your finger along the way where you want your new path to be.

Thank you. 


I made a mistake on the path when I started, and wish to change it, I know I can move the towers and add new path, but is there a way to edit already places path tiles?

Hey Crypto,

You can find this information in the FAQ:

Hope this is helpful!

That doesn’t really answer my question, I know how to place new paths, I want to know if you can rearrange previously placed paths like move that “U” path shape to a different part of the patg


Yes, by following the instruction sent previously :grinning:

You have to hold tap at the beginning of the path to be able to redo it completely.