Defeat the eroe

one of my team mates says that the same points are taken in war even if the hero is not defeated at the gate. I am convinced of the opposite, I think it takes about 10% less … can someone tell me something?

if you fail to defeat the hero statue, you get less vp

Anyone more tell me his Point of view? 

@CaptainMorgan can Help me?

Unless your friend is confused with the extra points from the vault chests 

The Hero counts as part of the percentage on the results screen, and the percentage is the amount of VP you will win. Not defeating the Hero will result in less VP, both in result screen and in the vault.

The biggest VP amount comes from destroying the gate, so it is more valuable to ignore the Hero if you can’t manage both.

It also depends on the actual amount of trophies. The difference is more apparent when you nuke a higher player (1200+) and less so when you fight someone with lower trophies, as the rewards are then distributed relatively.

Thank you very much to everyone ?