Defeat with 99 % ?

Defeat with 99%?To the shot you see clear i lost a battle with 99%,bug or cheating ?

you probably attacked player a much less than you


That dont stand to loose 5 trophies   with 99%

It is possible when you attack someone with much lower trophies.

You should see raids against our bases. I had raids of 20%- against my base and still losing trophies. Since trophies only are important for ninja wars, I would not sleep a minute less from this.

Right Mag but that player have 2073 trophies by now ,mine are 2800+ ,i loose  6 ,7 or more  trophies when players with over 3000 trophies attack to me  with 97 % victory.Is no about the trophies is just no make sence

Is no about the trophies Dena4 ,i dont really care for the trophies  is how the bugs go on in the game ,i have see also victories to me with 22% of high  players .Thats why i said Bug  or cheating

It’s no bug and neither cheating. It’s a feature that nobody understands. 

We have asked many times that when we raid and gate goes down, never to lose trophies. And when we are raided and player fails to break the gate, we should not lose trophies. And we better would have dropped the question in a black hole, same response we got (none!)

We really talk into the void sometimes, nobody is listening.

I think it has all to do with trophy algorithm and with who you raid. When you raid a person who gained a lot of trophies lately, you might get trophies, with same percentage against a player who lost a lot of trophies, you might lose them when not scoring 100%. 

When you raid a player 700+ trophies higher than you, you will not win any trophies, that’s confirmed by flare to prevent trophy stripping. But the opposite is true, when a player 700+ trophies higher raids you, you can lose trophies. 

Attacking to the same player only to confirm is no bug i get 2 trophies with 100 %.Any of the developers will answer to our  questions ?

I guess no.Whats going on Flare ???

how many trophies did this guy offer to you ?

Nothing you can do about it @Anima other than to never attack someone 800 trophies lower than you. The trophy algorithm has always been awful, but just to be safe, you should never attack a lower level players base without knowing you are going to get 100% 

Hello there,

Opening your defense to lose trophies will give you a penalty on the trophies you can earn. This might be the issue here. Also the 99% may be because you missed a tower.



Hello Gala ,if i missed a tower and that player  give me 2 relics 100% with 99% i get 1 trophie or and 0  and no -5 .

My post is not for the ammount of the trophies  but for the bugs ,issues  to the attacks  .Shot show it clear ,Thanks Anima

There is not a bug in this case

 Nothing i can do for any bug  Awesome ,i dont choose the random attacks too

2 trophie 100%

I think you could try doing another raid on the same person and retreat at 0 or 1 %, to check how many trophies you lose there (that is, if you have some spare bread and do not care about your current trophy count, ofc).

Anyway, the trophy loss/gain for a raid does probably not scale linearly with the % you get on the raid. Also, on matchmaker raids you can usually lose significantly more trophies for a failed or non-100% raid than on non-matchmaker raids (e.g. raids started from war menus, leaderboard search or favorite list). The whole system is, as has already been pointed out, a bit weird and hard to understand as the rules and details are not all known.

But I think I agree this is no bug in the actual sense in this case, just the algorithm being weird.

There is, however, a bug related to losing trophies for successful raids, which you can find info about in several topics in the Bugs forum subsection. For that bug, though, you would usually lose more trophies, and you would get 0 gold and often also 0 medals for a 99% raid. This is not the case for what you posted above - you still got gold and medals, and only lost a few trophies, so your case is, as already stated, not a bug, just the usual algorithm being a bit weird.

It is possible that not getting 100% caused losing trophies. It varies a lot so the fact that once you got 1 trophy with 99%, doesn’t mean it always will be like that. As you said there were 800 trophies apart from you, it is a lot. Try attacking tougher opponents that have way more trophies than you - then even by failing on their bases you will gain trophies.

Yeah @Mag he would get 0 trophies for 100% and other than that, lose trophies. i guess that technically makes sense, but not with 99%. That is the one part I hate about Gate Towers

I did   new raid to the same person with victory 100 % and 2 trophies gained.I will not start attack /bully the player to fingure out how to whole system is pointed out .

The trophies was losed to the first raid and  as i said my point of the post was not the lost trophies ,if i accept that is not a bug that might cant be if i  say all the bugs i have i will be complitely out of topic and the bugs will be still there