Defeating Phoebe - For low & mid level players, without boosted troops

Defeating/Countering Phoebe for low mid level players without the use of boosted troops or spells.

These methods are available already but scattered across the board, most of you must have already figured out, still it might help players who are not aware of it. I have tested all these methods, with opponents till 4300-4500 trophies range (roughly about 500 medal players). I use sword-rain, blizzard and firestorm mostly sometimes sonic blast, shield (not forged) and toxic cloud. None of the spells I used were boosted by any gear but they were maxed and forged more than 40 times. Blizzard damage 6200, Firestorm damage 10,800, sword rain stun 3.3, with high range, toxic cloud with 3.0 slow down effect. My stats screen shot I’m sharing so to give you a picture that you don’t need spell/ troop enhancement gears. Be mindful it works till 4300 trophies/500 medals, method 3 works for all level players as you might have seen in various tutorials (gathering army and let it run its course while keeping it alive).


  1. Speed Gear 30% or above (60% or 100% is great)
  2. Know how to push phoebe (its like pushing every other beast), use tammy to practice in your defense.
  3. Heal/Chloris ring to heal and survive damage.

Method 1:

Rush past phoebe. Do not fight phoebe, just rush past phoebe let your army buy u some time and use the donkey guardian to reach castle gate (taking down the castle gate is the primary objective), variation of this method is push phoebe beyond your troops so you can take troops with you instead of your troops dealing with phoebe, and let the new incoming troops handle phoebe.

Method 2:

Use monks if you have 5-7 monks push phoebe into your monk army you can face phoebe face to face with monks healing you you can use spells to take it down (takes 10-15 seconds) works till 4300 trophy players (with less than 400-500 medals). Its tough method, but it can work, its phoebe heal vs monk heal. Takes time at-least 10 seconds.

Method 3:

Gather a large army and push phoebe into your army of small units so your army defeats the beast very easily, use shield spell for large army its important. (Instead of only monks you are using other units also based on your choice to build an army and push the beast into it, so its similar to method two but more effective with variation of shield instead of heal from monks) Having a monk is bonus with the shield, but monks not necessary as you can replace another heavy troop to take down towers or boost troops.

Method 4:

If you lost your army mid way or don’t have army to defeat, you can defeat the beast by moving away towards your tent, phoebe follows, while it follows you are using your spells to deal damage, always maintain one block distance so it follows while you kill it with spells, kaiser pal is helpful here as it follows you. The picture will look like your king followed by kaiser followed by phoebe. while kaisers sonic blast damages so is your spells. in about 10 seconds phoebe can be defeated without an army. Same strategy works with bela pal (drains phoebes health) + gargoyle (as it doesn’t stop the beast but damages it) combo which a good team member of my alliance shared with me I tested it once it works. One important thing your army or other troops should not stop phoebe if it stops phoebe it will heal itself which is not what we want. When moving phoebe cannot heal or do damage, we are taking advantage of it. The screen shots should give u a better idea.


There is another method which I’m yet to test, will share once I test and be comfortable with it.


Other conditions

Make sure you have blizzard or other ways to stop the wolf from howling, the beast is can become unstoppable till the howl effect is over.

The location where you fight should have no towers on either side of the lane (unless your army is massive), so clear an area and keep your troops in a tower free area when you meet phoebe, we don’t want towers to kill your troops if that happens follow method 4 or method 1.

There may be other methods and variations but these are the methods I use. If you have doubts post it will try to help.



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This is a good thread! Another good solution would be to go to an alliance with boosts, however, I do understand those players who are connected to an alliance, though they have no boosts. This is still very helpful for those players. Thank you for taking the time to make this!

Thank you for this thread Surviva, I will pin and feature it!

Well done!

Thats awesome Madlen, Thank you ?

Wow, this is a really awesome thread Surviva!

Thanks for your contribution!

Btw: Would you be ok if I copied this as a guide for Phoebe on the Wikia page?

Of course, by mentioning you and posting a a link to this forum post.

I’m asking this, because this kind of guides is usually the type of information that many want but don’t know where to find.

Or if you’d prefer, you could add it to the Wikia yourself?

What do you think? :slight_smile:  

Thank you and yes please, that would be very nice of you, no need to credit, as its collection of methods from various players. Please add it to wikia yourself, hope it helps more players. Good day ShadowsGuardian ?

Ok, I’ll do that then!

Thanks a lot Surviva and have a good day too! :grinning:

I’ve put this as a link in my description of a currently uploading Phoebe killing video. Glad you made this, it’ll really help players out

That’s wonderful AwesomestKnightest ?

Great work I’ll post it in FB-group(s) ! ??

Just like promised, I already added it to the wikia, here.

I just changed the title to “mid/high” level players, because like someone suggested  on the Wikia, you’re high level already.

I also added a few icons to help readability and may add a few more. Here’s where you can find it:

@RentelRR2 Thank you ?.

@ShadowsGuardian Wow great work, I like it better with icons, and the right spacing between the paragraphs. Yes agree with title change, as method 2 and 3 are not possible as monks are not unlocked by low level players and their leadership is low (Guess its difficult to see from the low level guys perspective). But I think method 1 works, and hopefully believe that method 4 with hammer strike, toxic cloud and sword-rain, kaiser/eldrak (offensive pals) if they got it, may work. Thank you very much  :slight_smile:

No problem @Surviva, keep them coming! :grinning:

The sled guardian is a good alternative to blizzard.

Method 5: use Gaspar guardian (its intimidate effect is good against beasts), turn around Phoebe beast and use special skill.

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yeah I like method 5 work for me since I am a low level player ?