Defence beast should/must be tone down

It is not normal that you can not pass semi open base with your + 80/90 heavy forged boosted units just because base has bloody Pheobe in defence.

You can say this and that but situation is beyond frustration.

example ign: Authur the great

maybe I am just bad raider…

I as 118 level hero also failed on bases and most common reason was indeed phoebe beast. Raiding with three offensive boosts made rest of the base doable. You arrive with an army, but phoebe seems to have armageddon range 10, so any normal troop vanishes in a blink of an eye when in range.

Even ogres and wolfs got killed pretty fast, since as a bonus, that beast summons a lot of heal pools within no time, which keep him there with full health. Hero must push him all the time away from those pools to stand a chance to kill him. Even beating that beast means often end of raid, since just before dying a new armageddon is casted, leaving hero without troops (or worse, even killing hero). 

Here what some players do when having toxic cloud. Hit toxic to activate slow down effect and push phoebe into your army and hope it to get killed. Another common way is to push phoebe past your troops and hope to beat gate before tent is destroyed.

Now a better way, you need to protect troops like wolf and ogre with shield spell, just before you start to push phoebe into your army and scream, push phoebe away from heal pools and you beat it with troops alive, but low health points. That’s no problem, use shield to regenerate some health and they will survive.

Now my 5 cents. Range 10 is absurd, no troop has that range, range should be max 4-5. Also after summoning a heal pool a cool down of several seconds should be applied before a new heal pool can be summoned. Last but not least, troops should not die by just one or two strikes from any beast. 

So yes, I also wonder why flare didn’t balance phoebe beast. A serious answer would be welcome. In defense, this beast is well overpowered. I know that high level howl or Fritz is even more hard, but for medium and low level players, this phoebe is way too strong. So under the number of so called rebalancing, do change phoebe. One beast should not protect a relative weak defense. Towers, troops obstacles, combined with beast should do so, not the beast only.

Phoebe is really the only problem here. It’s absolutely ridiculous that he has no weakness, if flare needs to balance anything, it’s the Phoebe Beast! While cannons will slowly take off health at the beginning, the Armageddon wipes them out and then the Blessing replenishes the Beast’s health. Phoebe is way to OP, imo, and if flare needed to balance anything, it was Phoebe

I think biggest problem with beast is that they are extremely unstable. Sometimes in wars I can kill a phoebe in one defense so fast but In another base from the same alliance it seems like it’s suddenly 10x stronger. 

Makes no sense at all. Shouldnt the beast in the decenses of the same alliance be the same? 

Maybe it just seems to be stronger cause the second base had more tower strength

They are affected by King’s level too. If you hit a level 100 King, his phoebe beast has weaker stats than when you hit a level 130 King.


You can easily compare it with your own teammates who have different king levels than you. Look at your own beasts. You will realize they have different stats too based on your king level.



Isnt this only for attack? the king is not present during a defense. Is this confirmed somewhere?

Yeah, I thought that this was only for the pal form, but maybe Lacuna is right. I mean, it’s the only way it would make sense

But in the screen where we choose Our defense beast the stats shown there should be correct? 

And I think it shows the same for everyone regardless of level


In my Alliance have Phoebe Level 1 I am king Level 129 and it shows  6 293 damage and 105 264 hp how about you guys?

The higher your hero level, the stronger the beast

lol that’s why I purposely told you to chat with your teammates. You can instantly find out if this info is true if you ask someone who isn’t level 129. King with lower level with have less stats than you for Celestial Phoebe, and king level 130 will have slightly more stats.

My alliance player
20% (players playing for one and a half years)
60% (players playing for 1 year to 6 months)
20% (less than half a year player / rookie)

It is a new member that needs to earn GOLD from now.

And if you make Ceres useless, 80% of my allies will be in trouble.

They are going to be captivated by this game.
If that is the case here
Their memories will be filled with hardships.
of course It is also a member suffering from Phoebe Beast. :slightly_frowning_face:

And they are also giving up new armor for Phoebe Beast. :slightly_frowning_face:

Now this road is fierce and suffering more than you three or two years ago.

All TOP Alliance people will have completed the upgrade. You can change magic. You should change Pal. But those who will Intermediate player / beginner will first choose magic, pals and units to intensively enhance the upgrade.
Especially if there is strong information on it.

This reform after investing for the new people to become strong is too bad. Why do you want to keep playing by putting in money as soon as this process is done at an early stage?
And the suffering of the first alliance or middle-rank alliance who gets arrival of these people also becomes big.

Please understand who is suffering reforms aiming at individuals.

Please reform Phoebe Beast. Flare If you are willing to give everyone a fair time and condition for those who downloaded it today.


Phoeebe is my nemesis… but somehow managed to deal with her after my alliance members advised what to do. But agree she is OP single Armageddon wipes out half of the army and If I have not got enough monks and wolfs I am on a looser side although sometimes I run for gate and spawn instas but that’s not a real skills show. Compared to other beasts phoeebe is way stronger and harder to kill 

Phoebe is weakest beast vs Wolf

very easy to defeat it.

all you need is blunt damage

which has been significantly nerfed. Is blunt still working against Phoebe after the balances?

Usuall he live like 2-3 seconds only( 4 level of Phoebe)

Nice, wow. Impressive! What do you use for that? Cannons, SB, Hammerstrike? I guess we know what Phoebe’s weakness is now, and it’s not Blunt Damage, it’s Cromka  

Its blunt damage.have no idea why do you have so many fun about this.

archers kill Phoebe in 2-3 sec

But didn’t you say above that all you need, to defeat Phoebe, is Blunt Damage? I mean, I may be misunderstanding you, but one of the two things you said has to be false

Phoebe have weakness to the Blunt damage 

archers damage is Blunt damage.