Defence is cra... p, wake up, game becomes boring

sry but have to say, defence withball this rune become cra… p, 99% of base are easy to raid, wake up flare…

That is true, but u could go a little easy on flare. Flare, it is becoming pretty easy to raid other peoples defenses, you could … I actually don’t know what we could do

We should enjoy;)

Better to have op offence instead of op defence

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but you forgot my friends, in call rr2 tower

defence game… not offence (

Is it still easy if you raid full boosted base without Nemesis?

Like if you use any other pal, is it “just nice” as in not so easy and yet nothing is unbeatable?

If you know the answer, then you know what needs to be fixed.

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Not defence game;)

But tower defence!:rofl:


Good point :joy:

i agreed :handshake: nemesis is over powered, they will nerf him after all will buy him