Defence Path

As of today, I can no longer complete a defence path as the start of the path is consider “blocked by relics”. I have the Windows version of the game and run on a Windows 10 machine. See screenshot attached. I’m unwilling to change any other defence patterns in case this is repeated. Any ideas?


I went to another layout and attempted to redraw the path to my starting gate and got the same message. See attached screenshot with “path blocked by ruin” message.

OR Blocked by a Ruin.JPG

Well red path is always blocked by default.

Apart from that you clear rubble or ruin by using gems then form whatever tupe of defense layouts you want to build.

I get the red path is blocked by default. Can you see where I’m drawing the path? Right in front of the gate! I’m unable to draw a path to the gate because the two squares in front of it (which normally allow me to draw a path) are now showing as red Xs. These two squares have never been blocked before. With these two square blocked, I can’t draw ANY path as I can’t get to the start point of the home gate!

Hey Tjgarland, 

from what I see you swipe to the second tile to connect your path with the rest. The first two tiles indeed are always a straight line. If you want to complete your defense path, it is enough to connect it to the third  tile. If I missed something, just tell me.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work as the first and second tiles were blocked with red Xs and shown as containing relics. There was no path visible at all. When I logged in again the next day, there was the minimum straight path and I could then access the first two squares. Don’t know what happened. Some sort of system glitch that rectified itself.

I understand that. Have a look at my screenshot. It was the first two squares that had RED Xs - no relics to destroy as they’re usually always clear. Don’t know what the glitch was all about. It’s now resolved.

The first 8 tiles  are not Ruins/Relics. They are simply unusable/wasted tiles. You probably have other Ruins somewhere else blocking the path, like the four ones in my screenshot above.

No - look at the my screenshot. I’m trying to select the first two squares and it’s saying “relic blocking path”. I cleared all the relics out months ago. As I said, it must be a glitch of some kind.

I think that happened to me in the past (long ago) too, but I don’t remember the warning/error message.

I solved it by storing all the towers and barricades in my Inventory, then I draw the path without any obstruction, and finally I put back all the towers and barricades on the tiles.