Defence skipping is super annoying.

I’ve just tried the underground level where you get the upgraded Ogre quite a few times now, and I’ve crushed it twice getting two crowns because I can’t get from the defences on one side to the defences on the other side fast enough before my army destroys the castle. Why do troops ignore the defences for the gate area? I crushed it with 50 seconds to spare and it tells me I haven’t passed the level. Is the fact that troops ignore any defenses at the end a bug or is it supposed to be that way?

It depends on the units you’re using, for example, frosters ignore Lightning Towers and Barricades, Werewolves ignore all buildings, Mummies ignore towers…

At the castle gate, troops tend to go for the gate before the towers. This result in you taking the gate before all towers -> result in 98% success.

The only way to get around this is let your king rush in first, to attack the tower and to use “scream” to command your troops to follow.

That said, please note that you have posted in the “improvements” section. This section of the forum is for “new suggestions”.  :slight_smile:

Werewolves don’t ignore all building! 

I just tested it, hoping that the latest update made that happen! 

A Werewolf will jump over the Barricades, but then stop at the Tower just beyond it, making jumping the Barricade a completely useless action! 

God, I hope Flare makes Werewolves ignore all buildings!