Defence waves :how to improve it??

Hey evveryone,

today I just tried to test my base, and tried many combinations of troops, so I want to make more better,

my player name is:mukss

can any one give tips on how to make defence waves better and how to synchronise them with my base design?

which troops should I use ?


I would be really thank full.

what i do for wave timing is peel my base apart and put the waves in last to first.


build wave 8 then test. then add wave 7. Lather, rinse, repeat.

u could actually insert them in any order but thats how i do it.

I just fill it with my highest upgrded troops and the best ones, Now things like elite boost on knights and archers might give them ago. (I probably won’t, I haven’t even added monsters there’s to much messing around, which is why we need save points) Haven’t changed them since august.



Untill your in the top 500 people just fill with as many gargoyles as you can, make sure they are they are level 4 though. Even if you have to spend a few gems to make it happen, it will be totally worth it.


This goes for anyone who is ranked 500,000 to 500. Not that this is the only way but between 500-4000 thats all I really see. They are still Overpowered in groups.


It’s simple and easy with maximun results.

I m a 2800 trophies player… And just now I have lvl 3 gargoyles…and I hav added 3 rd and 4th wave of gargoyles.

my player name :mukss

can any one test my base?.

and tell wat else can I do with it?.

generally wat the problem Is at certain points too many of my defence troops get accumulated,as a result the king can get them all in one bladestorm making the next few seconds for king wat should I add to my waves?

I had a look at your base but I would just walk through it because your too weak for me. But the design seems fine from what I saw in the preview. A little bit of advice, the game is decided by upgrades not strategy, sure there is a little common sense needed (like not allowing multiple blockades to be hit at once etc.)

So all I have to say is upgrade upgrade upgrade.

Join some good alliance and higher level people in your alliance will help you for sure.

Tested your base earlier mukss , I don’t think the ogre and mortars have any function in the wave.Your snake towers also placed at the wrong position.I only take damage from the snake because I solo your base or else I would’ve leave it to my cannons.You want your snake tower to take hero’s HP or else they are useless.I would try to delay the king in earlier stage using paladin + froster then kill them with arbs + froster maybe pyro (to prevent regeneration).You can use two waves of gargs too , test their timing to know which waves suits them best.Like my base , gargs only useful in 3rd and 6th waves (at least from my test raid)

saaaaay fii, so how about you test my base for a change, my alliance is starting to confuse me on what to do

Got no food now atlas , I’ll visit you later :slight_smile:

Thanks for the gems fii, hope you come for Christmas(tomorrow)

thanks people I changed my defence waves…

added gargoyles… And some frosters too…

so any more tips are welcome.

you’re making look like a bad player atlas haha

I know fil, since you got completely got destroyed by my base, hope to see you soon :wink:

go ahead, but dont forget the gems :grinning:

I cry everytime, you’re just ruining my hopes and dreams, I liked fil nami better  :slightly_frowning_face:

Has anyone upgraded the waves fully?

Does it really cost this much?

I am at level 67 but have all waves at level 8 only!

Is it normal?


Yes, yes, and yes. :wink:

Takes a lot of time. Usually all of your troop types, towers and obstacles on path are maxed way before your waves are near max level, so waves are the most time-consuming to upgrade.