Defence waves :how to improve it??

I had a look at your base but I would just walk through it because your too weak for me. But the design seems fine from what I saw in the preview. A little bit of advice, the game is decided by upgrades not strategy, sure there is a little common sense needed (like not allowing multiple blockades to be hit at once etc.)

So all I have to say is upgrade upgrade upgrade.

Join some good alliance and higher level people in your alliance will help you for sure.

Tested your base earlier mukss , I don’t think the ogre and mortars have any function in the wave.Your snake towers also placed at the wrong position.I only take damage from the snake because I solo your base or else I would’ve leave it to my cannons.You want your snake tower to take hero’s HP or else they are useless.I would try to delay the king in earlier stage using paladin + froster then kill them with arbs + froster maybe pyro (to prevent regeneration).You can use two waves of gargs too , test their timing to know which waves suits them best.Like my base , gargs only useful in 3rd and 6th waves (at least from my test raid)

saaaaay fii, so how about you test my base for a change, my alliance is starting to confuse me on what to do

Got no food now atlas , I’ll visit you later :slight_smile:

Thanks for the gems fii, hope you come for Christmas(tomorrow)

thanks people I changed my defence waves…

added gargoyles… And some frosters too…

so any more tips are welcome.

you’re making look like a bad player atlas haha

I know fil, since you got completely got destroyed by my base, hope to see you soon :wink:

go ahead, but dont forget the gems :grinning:

I cry everytime, you’re just ruining my hopes and dreams, I liked fil nami better  :slightly_frowning_face:

Has anyone upgraded the waves fully?

Does it really cost this much?

I am at level 67 but have all waves at level 8 only!

Is it normal?


Yes, yes, and yes. :wink:

Takes a lot of time. Usually all of your troop types, towers and obstacles on path are maxed way before your waves are near max level, so waves are the most time-consuming to upgrade.


Please can you test my base? My king is Romain398 i have 2100 trophées and im level 54 but my base is very strong vs level 55. Sometimes levels 60-65 Fail on my base (34%) if you had test my base Please Advice me That How can i upgrade against my base.

My gold won per raid is it good?


I guess that amount displayed (478k) is good, but I guess it’s not your average loot but more of a quite high loot? For that, there’s a “highest loot record” thread somewhere.

Also, not sure what this all has to do with your defense waves (being the topic of this thread here)?