defence zombie alliance requirement is just wrong

Well I thought it was just my alliance with an unreachable goal to get defence zombies.

I tried my other account

Base user 400 trophies and lvl 3 alliance

And I need 105,000 coins to win them.

And after 4 levels of the event all cof yep 1,050 coins.

Honestly, did they use the CoF themselves to come up with these amounts… lol its so broken its not funny.


Lvl 3 alliance is 7 members, so you’d need 15,000 each.

Less than 900 trophies gives max 16,875 coins

if you do not have 7 members or all are under 900 trophies then for you it’s probably impossible.


It’s easy, just join an active alliance and you’re set.
We e.g. almost have the zombies and it’s not even 24h
since the start …

Us too, 24 hours and we’re at 75% to Zombie Defense.

It’ll slow down now with the longer wait time, but no worries about not getting it.

We have them now :slight_smile:

Noone have now) we will wait until event end)))

We indeed need to wait, but it’s already on the pocket :wink:

My point is your alliance must be full all spots…

Activity and participation only factor in if your ally is full.

Mogor a silly comment we have a very active alliance.

Good thing wars are not done purely on theoretical maX HEAD COUNT!

It should have been done as a averaged % complete across members.

Not a guestimated amount based on possible membership of an alliance level.

But that’s the whole point the resulting zombies are given based on player level. Yet the requirement is not based on them?

just like wars I can have a top lvl alliance half full and never fight a full one as its just a stupid match up and an impossible goal for the smaller alliance.

The player base and strength and number are key factors. Not so much the lvl of alliance.

The level of the Alliance sets the coin target # for getting them in defense.

The path length and Alliance Tower sets how many groups are in defense.

The Tier you fight in sets their stats.

Your ranking in the event sets how many are in each group (attack & defense).


Yes you state the obvious after the fact like you knew it before.

It is pointless drivel regurgitating this.

The topic is about the system not correctly setting targets.

There has never been a requirement or stated negative outcome of not having a full alliance. Actually wars take little notice of alli lvl and focus more on other metrics. For very good reasons!!!

Actually flare encourage you to upgrade regardless and some do just for the boosts even if they don’t need the spots.

Again my point is about improving the system so it works for ‘all’ alliances.


You’re 1st post has you complaining that everyone has an unreachable goal.  Which is un-true.  

It might be impossible for low (starter) level Alliance, due not have full membership or member with too low trophies.  And if they have higher trophies then they are more likely to jump to a better Alliance.

I don’t have all the stats, and you’ve only show stats for a lvl 2-3 Alliance.

A brief look at the stats on the wiki and I’d guess that most Alliances with full membership and full participation should be able to get the extra defense units.  

Pip, first stop lying… I never said everyone

SO I pointed out its more than one with this issue


Its pointing out the flawed methodology.

Plus there is no way they can account for level of user.

You cannot assume that an alliance will have x number of x players its just not sane.

I know a lot of alliances that run 10 to 15 players yet their quota is double that… yes that gives elite boosts even though they like  a small team.

Pip, you don’t need to validate a flawed event.

It was intended to be an alliance event that encouraged team participation and rewards for teams that participated well. It fails in a major way period.

What I am pointing out is its poorly thought out and offered a more reasoned solution. None of the requirements were provided to alliances and never has 100% full alliances ever been a requirement for an event.

If you took the time and read what I suggested you may see its a better solution than the one they have



I like it as it is and think it fair for most playing it. Whatsa, if you were a higher level you could get 3 times that by your self. 

I see nothing wrong with the current system.  The lowest level Alliances might have the targets too high.  But if most of the Alliances are capable of hitting the targets, then suggesting to re-work the entire system is unreasonable. 

We’ll just have to just disagree then.

We needed 4.500k coins and have currently won 8.227k , we have max 43 members but is not all full. So easy to win :wink:

It can be surely difficult for low alliances since they have less active and loyal players for the game and they are more likely to switch alliance more often but luckily even if a member leave the alliance the coins remain so it’s like you have at the end many more members who do the event.

Moreover i think the coins needed to get the rewards are more than legit, already if the 80% of the members do the ninja/zombie event and you achieve all 4 rewards, this means that there is also space to leave some islands left or a break or someone is ill, lack of some members etc. So i think is good the requirements per rewards.

if they increase the requirements they should increase also the rewards and it’s a thing that then become too much stressful and then you have to whip as in war everyone everytime to do the ninja event. 

So conclusion i like the requirements per rewards as it is, not so much stressful not even easy (if we wanna say like this) under the point of view of activity required from all the alliance members.

Please hold yourself back with such statements. No need to get personal here.

You obviously do NOT have an active alliance. You are alliance level 29 and have 10/34 members, 1 inactive.
An active alliance also means recruiting and holding members. Your leader/generals are obviously not actively
doing their job.

This is not true. The first mentioned thing when talking to smart leaders/generals about levelling up the alliance is:
we only level up, if we have new members to fill up the alliance. Why? Because by levelling up your boosts become
more expensive and without new members you can’t afford the same amount of boosts as before. A very obvious
negative outcome :grinning:

Where did you get that from? It’s not true. Example: our alliance. 43/44 members, 3 not participating until now.
So 90% participation, a lot of them far from completing 30 islands. And we have already many more coins than
needed: 7311k and 4750k are needed. So i can safely say, that only 50% participation at most is needed to get
all alliance rewards (estimation of the coins we will get until the end of the event).

The targets are absolutely correct. It’s more of the opposite: what you want i’d call cheating. Basically you want
a high level reward for a low level effort. While others have to “pay” the full price. Permanently recruiting members,
kicking not active ones, getting them to upgrade their alliance towers, getting them to fight in wars, prevent them
from leaving etc. And now probably have them participating in the zombie event to get the alliance reward for all

A level 29 alliance gets 1 rare, 1 epic and 2 legendary chests. The target coins reflect exactly that. You want to
get them for a level 5 alliance effort (level 5 = 10 members). That’s unfair and i’m glad Flare prevents that with
their system. Ok, i’d support you if we (level 39) get uber chests as alliance rewards for compensation :wink:

If you really want the alliance rewards in a fair way: create a level 5 alliance (for you a matter of seconds), join
with your members and get the chests and defense zombies. Then you only get 1 normal, 1 rare, 1 epic chest
and your reward is perfectly in line with your effort.

Your choice, no need to change the system. Another option would be to play in higher tiers, so that you get
more coins per member (10 members times max coins in 3500-3999 tier = 2490k). You’d probably have to
scroll to succeed, but that again is your choice.

Reward numbers are taken from here (thanks oPelle).

Mister lets not get personal, (Mogor)

How could you possibly know how active my members are?

You don’t… period

See you state things you know nothing about to try to justify your position.

My rebuttal … warranted for the stupidity and/or selfish intent of your comment.

If you cannot think outside of the little box … then just refrain from commenting.

My suggestion was to use a percentage based measure so membership participation is the yardstick and not a guesstimated figure.

So then all alliances would have say… a  50% target across members for the reward. Player level and alliance level is moot.

If you have 20 2000 trophy or 20 4000 trophy players the outcome is the same. And zombie rreward is tied to player level.

The effort and alliance participation per member required is the same across alliances , … as it should be.


Please provide the magical solution where 2000 LVL CAN JUMP TO 4000 LEVEL PURELY AS A MATTER Of instant choice?

That’s just mental… lol the majority of users are not at your level and you are the exception rather than the rule.

The chests yes you may have a point thou for zombie defence no. ( the actual topic)