Defend even further your castle!

I had the idea to add a shield used automatically by our troops of defense when an opponent attacks our castle. 

The new name of the shield is: rock shield.

The operation of this shield is identical to the scroll we use, only that when someone attacks, our troops will be for the first 8 * waves defended by the shield (which you can destroy easily with normal attack or any other attack). All this just to have a little 'more resistance, otherwise they die soon. 

To activate the shield on the guard of the castle need to spend gems or pearls. 

The shield will be possible to buy it for 2 attacks, 5 attacks or 10 enemy attacks:


2 attacks = 25 gems / 10 pearls; 

5 attacks = 50 attacks gems / 30 pearls;

10 attacks = 200 gems / 60 pearls;

This applies to those who already have 8 waves. 


8 *  This applies to those who already have 8 waves.  It is an indication, if one has only 4 waves will only work for the first 4 waves, of course the cost will be reduced. 


Alternative to the shield: 


-possibility to add defense towers to defend the castle door for only 1 attack, 3 attacks, 5 attacks :

1 attack = 50 gems / 25 pearls;

3 attacks = 150 gems / 90 pearls;

5 attachment = 500 gems / 250 pearls;


This idea is only indicative, you can always improve, criticize etc.


Thanks to read it,



High level castle is defended well enough now, at least two max SBs to bring it down, its offensive capacity is strong enough to stop a <100 regenerate at all whilst in attack too.

I too believe there is no need for this. Castle gate is already good enough.

This topic was started by me in September talking about some new defence to add at the Castle, now that there will be Doom Gate as defence, reading this seems ridiculus  :wink: